Cows crack $1639 at Biggenden​

Cows crack $1639 at Biggenden


There were 1625 cattle offered at Biggenden on Monday, where the market was firm.


Burnett Livestock & Realty’s meatworks and store sale at Biggenden on Monday saw a yarding of 1625 head. For a very hot day the cattle sold to a fully firm market with any price reductions from last sale being quality related.

Cattle were drawn from Yaamba, Banana, Theodore, Monto, Eidsvold, Mundubbera, Gayndah, Murgon, Crownthorpe, Hervey Bay, Lowmead, Miriam Vale, and local areas.

Brahman cross bullocks from Maryborough sold for 292c/$1585. Crossbred bullocks from Coalstoun Lakes sold for 281c/$1321. Charbray bullocks from Biggenden sold for 290c/$1465.

Charbray cows from Biggenden sold for 265c/$1551. Charbray cows from Gayndah sold for 265c/$1604. Santa Gertrudis cross cows from Murgon sold for 261c/$1387. Charbray cows from Biggenden sold for 251c/$1155. Brahman cross cows from Monto sold for 249c/$1171. Brahman cows from Theodore sold for 258c/$1639. Brahman cross cows from Hervey Bay sold for 261c/$1337.

Four tooth Droughtmaster heifers from Mundubbera sold for 277c/$1205. Two tooth Brahman heifers from Childers sold for 285c/$1140. Six tooth Charbray heifers from Gin Gin sold for 274c/$1371. Brahman heifers from Theodore with two to six teeth sold for 281c/$1401.

Milk and two tooth Droughtmaster steers from Hervey Bay sold for 310c/$1336. Droughtmaster two tooth steers from Maryborough sold for 300c/$1342. Milk and two tooth steers from Coalstoun lakes sold for 296c/$1229. Milk and two tooth Charbray steers from Ban Ban Springs sold for 294c/$1062. Milk tooth Brangus steers from Hervey Bay sold for 298c/$1267. Milk tooth Brahman steers from Yaamba sold for 290c/$1080. Milk tooth Droughtmaster steers from Bundaberg sold for 308c/$1114. Milk tooth Simmental cross steers from Theodore sold for 323c/$977. Charbray milk tooth steers from Crownthorpe sold for 303c/$1070. 

Santa Gertrudis weaner steers from Mount Perry sold for 329c/$871. Simbrah weaner steers from Murgon sold for 327c/$633. Simmental cross weaner steers from Gin Gin sold for 290c/$596. Angus cross weaner steers from Proston sold for 327c/$759. Brangus weaner steers from Wallaville sold for 319c/$788. Brangus weaner steers from Banana sold for 327c/$768. Droughtmaster weaner steers from Gayndah sold for 309c/$649.

Charbray milk tooth heifers from Mundubbera sold for 286c/$1033. Droughtmaster milk tooth heifers from Monto sold for 272c/$790. Romagnola cross milk tooth heifers from Gayndah sold for 282c/$1042. Milk tooth Braford heifers from Mundubbera sold for 280c/$884.  

Charbray weaner heifers from Biggenden sold for 271c/$743. Crossbred weaner heifers from Hervey Bay sold to 266c/$736. Charbray weaner heifers from Mundubbera sold for 264c/$635. Santa Gertrudis weaner heifers from Mt Perry sold for 270c/$655.

The next Biggenden meatworks and store sale is Monday November 19.


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