Lancefield Brahman sale tops at $56,000

Lancefield Brahman Invitational sale at Gracemere tops at $56,000

Brooke Jefferis, Elrose, Cloncurry, and Julie McCamley, Palmal, Dingo, with sale topper Palmal Abbott.

Brooke Jefferis, Elrose, Cloncurry, and Julie McCamley, Palmal, Dingo, with sale topper Palmal Abbott.


Vendors were left smiling as once again the complete draft of 106 bulls offered was sold.


THE 44th Lancefield Brahman Invitational sale held at Gracemere on Monday topped at $56,000.

Once again the entire draft of 106 bulls offered was sold for a complete clearance, to result in a $10,780 average.

The 94 grey bulls sold for an average of $11,133, while the 12 red bulls sold to average $8000.

Scott and Lizette McCamley, Lancefield, Dululu, sold 17 bulls to average $13,058 while Matthew and Janelle McCamley, Eulogie, Dululu, sold 30 bulls to average $6,116.

Anna and Andrew McCamley, 2AM Stud, Dingo, sold 21 bulls for an average of $8,976, and Rodger and Lorena Jefferis, Elrose Stud, Cloncurry, sold 25 bulls to average $9,740.

David and Julie McCamley, Palmal Stud, Dingo, sold 13 bulls to average $23,461. 

Top price was reached by Palmal Abbott 7974, a grey scurred bull offered by David and Julie McCamley, Palmal Stud, Dingo, which sold for an impressive $56,000 to Rodger and Lorena Jefferis, Elrose Stud, Cloncurry.

Sired by Lancefield D Augustine 5507/D (P), the 23-month-old bull was described as heavy muscled, and recorded a weight of 832 kilograms, while boasting an eye muscle area of 142 square centimeters and a measurement of 37cm for scrotal circumference.

Palmal Stud principals David and Julie McCamley said the best of the Palmal bulls were offered at this year’s sale which paid off in the end, with keen interest shown in the polled genetics.

Second-top price was reached by the grey bull, Lancefield S Hemsworth 5641/1, offered on account of Scott and Lizette McCamley, Lancefield Brahmans, Dululu, which sold for $52,000 to the Everingham Family, Oak Park Brahmans, Einasleigh.

Vendor Scott McCamley described the bull as having good skin, a nice poll head with all the attributes to grow into a good sire. He went on to say that once again, the proven performance of the bulls was bringing the return buyers year after year.

The Everingham family put together a good line-up of bulls at the sale, purchasing six head to average $13,833.

A third-top price of $47,500 was reached on account of Elrose Marshalling 14939, which sold to Brett Nobbs, Nobbs Cattle Co, Duainga.

Topping for the red bulls was Lancefield M Beckett 5560/M, offered by vendors Matthew and Janelle McCamley. Beckett sold for a solid $20,000 to purchasers Anna and Andrew McCamley, 2AM Stud, Dingo.

The 24-month-old bull, son of Lancefield D Bazuka 4722/D (P), was the heaviest milk tooth bull offered at the sale and presented qualities of length with a big hind quarter and width across the topline. The red bull weighed in at 870kg and had a scrotal circumference of 40cm.

Matthew McCamley said it was an extremely strong sale and great to see such strong bidding, considering the climatic conditions.

Second to top for for the red bulls was 2AM Principal 5842M (P) on account of Andrew and Anna McCamley selling for $13,500 to J Hampson, Jasal, Innisfail.

Barkly Grazing, Phillip Creek Station, Tennant Creek, Northern Territory took home 11 bulls to average $4181 while APN Pty Ltd, Hayfield Station, Katherine, Northern Territory purchased eight bulls for an average of $7250.

The sale was conducted by Landmark, McCaffrey's Australian Livestock Marketing and Hourn and Bishop Queensland, Moura.

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