Intelligent spraying on a bigger boom

John Deere ExactApply on new 4060 sprayer

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COVER MORE COUNTRY: The new John Deere 4060 sprayer features a 6000 litre tank.

COVER MORE COUNTRY: The new John Deere 4060 sprayer features a 6000 litre tank.


John Deere 4060 sprayer features ExactApply.


SPRAYER TECHNOLOGY continues to follow the industry trend that bigger is better, driven by the need to increase spray efficiency precision agriculture features with larger booms are increasing in popularity.

Peel Valley Machinery, Wee Waa, sales, David McDonald said the new John Deere 4060 , showcased at Commonwealth Bank AgQuip, featured a 6000 litre tank and a carbon fibre boom in line with industry requirements.

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“There is very much a demand for larger tank sizes through the industry for greater water carrying capacities for the higher spray volumes,” he said. 

“The carbon fibre boom is available in 36 to 40 metres, the industry is looking for lighter weight booms to be able to go to wider distances with greater boom stability.”

Mr McDonald said the new ExactApply intelligent nozzle control featured on the 4060 was had also been designed to meet industry needs, as growers looked to improve upon spray efficiency. 

“The ExactApply allows you to adjust the application rate for varying speeds or prescriptions across the field,” he said. 

John Deere, US product marketing manager, crop protection and nutrient solutions, Doug Felter said ExactApply provided sprayer operators a comprehensive solution, maintaining a consistent droplet size and pattern throughout a wide range of speeds, while reducing the potential for overlaps, skips and drift.

"The new ExactApply system was developed for producers and ag service providers who seek a higher level of control of product applications, especially improved application efficacy and accuracy in all field shapes and sizes," he said.

"Another important feature with the ExactApply is John Deere's pulse width modulation (PWM) system that offers three times the pulsing frequency of traditional PWM systems on a wide variety of nozzles.

"This allows the sprayer to run at a consistent pressure and droplet size, regardless of the sprayer speed and application flow rate, for improved spray coverage across the entire field."

Mr Felter said the ExactApply also allowed users to switch spraying between two pre-selected nozzles and vary the rate across the entire boom. 

"ExactApply is compatible with the entire suite of John Deere precision and data management products our application customers need," he said.

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