AustSafe Super’s Regional Manager, Tony O’Mara, hosting a shed meeting.

AustSafe Super’s Regional Manager, Tony O’Mara, hosting a shed meeting.

It’s time regional Aussies took control of their super

It’s time regional Aussies took control of their super


There's an astonishing $22 million in unaccounted-for super in Australia.


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Australians are currently missing out on over $4 billion in lost superannuation*.

This represents 6.3 million superannuation accounts that are inactive – that is, accounts where no superannuation contribution has been made in the past five years or people who are unable to be contacted by their super fund*. There are also unclaimed accounts held by the ATO, bringing the total value of inactive and unclaimed super accounts to just under $18 billion*.

No doubt $18 billion is an eye-watering figure and a wake-up call for Australians who spend a lifetime working hard and look forward to feeling secure when they decide to pull up stumps. But the hands-off approach many Australians take with their super can affect how much money they’ll have to enjoy in retirement. While statistics like these seem frightening, it needn’t be alarming.

AustSafe Super, the rural and regional industry super fund, believe that one of the single biggest impacts on a person’s retirement is their willingness to personally get involved with their super. The small changes people make to maximise their super savings now can make a big difference to the future of their super. That’s why getting members actively involved with their superannuation is so important to AustSafe Super, who take a member-first approach.

AustSafe Super understand hardworking Aussies are busy. They don’t have time to sort through complex forms or navigate their way through industry-jargon or difficult processes. That’s why AustSafe Super members can access easy-to-use online services to manage their super the way they choose, including:

  • Using SuperMatch to round up your unclaimed super – a straightforward tool that helps you search for and consolidate your lost super, maximising your balance with the money you earned.
  • Managing your super on the go using the AustSafe Super Mobile App, with all the information you need about your super balance, investment options, statements and more, at the tap of a finger.
  • MemberOnline and PensionOnline also gives members instant access to their super balance, allowing them to see how their investment is growing.
  • Getting money-smart with MoneyTree, which has a range of learning modules designed to teach you how to take control of debt, tips and tricks on family finances and how to invest smart.
  • Cutting through the bull by accessing straightforward fact sheets and calculators online, or watch AustSafe Super’s video tutorials. You’ll learn about easy growth opportunities you could take right now, including maximising your super with salary sacrificing and government co-contributions.
Manage your super on the go with the AustSafe Super app.

Manage your super on the go with the AustSafe Super app.

Not into tech or gadgets? No worries.

AustSafe Super also has a number of regional managers on the ground who visit local members and employers. They’re armed with tips and tricks to help members make smarter super decisions or help employers with their super obligations. Choose either face-to-face or workplace meetings so you and your team are in the know, whether it’s an office or a wool shed.

Our members are spread throughout rural and regional Australia – including some remote parts of the country – so the ability for them to manage their super at the touch of a button is something we’re proud to offer. - Craig Stevens, Chief Executive Officer, AustSafe Super

Strong long-term performance

AustSafe Super have delivered consistently strong long-term performance – delivering a top 10 result on a rolling 10 year return in the SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey for 30 June 2018**.

And they know a thing or two about growth, having been crowned the winner of the 2018 Best Growth Super Fund by Money Magazine, and ranked as one of the top performing balanced superannuation funds for the last financial year by SuperRatings.

AustSafe Super CEO Craig Stevens says the fund’s strong performance is no accident – it’s down to active investment management and asset allocation.

“Our strong performance is ultimately a reflection of the Fund’s approach to making well-considered, active investment decisions that are informed by the current and expected future environment,” he says.

“As our members are hardworking rural and regional Australians, we make sure we work just as hard for them so they can enjoy a comfortable retirement.”

*Australian Taxation Office. Super accounts data overview.

**SuperRatings Fund Crediting Rate Survey – 30 June 2018. 

This editorial is general information only and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. You may also wish to seek the advice of a qualified financial planner. Please also read the relevant AustSafe Super Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before making a decision in relation to the product available at 

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This article is advertiser content from Austsafe Super.

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