North left high and dry as southern producers rejoice

Scattered rainfall lifts spirits

Rolleston in central Queensland largely missed out on weekend rain but woke to this fog. Photo - Trina Patterson Photography.

Rolleston in central Queensland largely missed out on weekend rain but woke to this fog. Photo - Trina Patterson Photography.


The north was left high and dry while which fell across parts of southern Queensland failing lifted spirits in many communities.


THE parched north missed out on any significant rainfall at the weekend, while forecast rain in southern Queensland brought mixed rewards for producers.

Ayr was the only town north of Clermont to receive any significant rainfall with an isolated shower dumping 27 millimetres in the town on Saturday afternoon.

Bureau of Meteorology Townsville meteorologist Andrew Cearns said there was isolated activity in North Queensland with most areas receiving just a few millimetres.

“In Ayr they had 27mm it was very isolated, and almost rogue rainfall as most other areas, if any, had less than a millimetre.

”Most places didn’t get anything at all.”

Mr Cearns said there was isolated showers along the coast and inland toward Charters Towers on Saturday afternoon, but it was barely enough to wet the ground.

And there is no reprieve in sight, with fine conditions forecast for the rest of the week.

The bureau predicted widespread shower activity and isolated storms in south west heading into the weekend, which rang true with towns like St George, Boomi and Hannaford receiving some much-needed relief. 

Posting on the Who Got The Rain? Facebook page, Simon Maller shared news of the 52 millimetres which fell on his family’s property, Carrington, 80 kilometres north of St George. 

Mr Maller said even though the rain wouldn’t save a failed winter crop, it would be a huge benefit heading into summer.

“Now we’re getting towards spring and the end of August, hopefully we’ll get some warmer weather and the buffel will start shooting and we’ll have some green feed for the cattle,” he said.

“If we can get a little bit more follow-up rain now, there’d be a good chance to get some forage sorghum planted for a summer crop.”

The higher totals seemed to be a theme in the St George district with Mary McIntyre posting to the page that she had received 64mm at Strathmere north of St George, 46mm at Moolabah east of St George and 37mm at Mooramanna south of St George.

Similar falls were recorded in the Moonie district with Karen Huskisson, Wattle Downs, The Gums, reporting 47mm, Deirdre Lowery, Four Pegs, Hannaford recording 40mm at the house and 46mm at the yards, and Kim Taylor‎ shared news of 54mm at Vera Doon, Hannaford.

Closer to the border, falls in the Goondiwindi region were disappointing with most only receiving less than 20mm, but 66mm recorded at Boomi and 53mm at Willarie, 25km south west of Talwood, was definitely something to smile about.

The scattered nature of the weather system was also consistent south of the border with places between Moree and Narrabri recording totals up to 35mm, while Inverell scored a whopping 60mm. 


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