Two centimetre accuracy without a base station

Trimble RTX correction delivers high accuracy through satellite

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MORE PRECISION: Trimble have announced RTX is now achieving accuracy better than two centimetres.

MORE PRECISION: Trimble have announced RTX is now achieving accuracy better than two centimetres.


Trimble TTX GNSS satellite delivered correction technology more accurate


TRIMBLE have announced RTX is now achieving accuracy better than two centimetres. 

In a global media release, the company said not only was the Trimble RTX GNSS satelite corrections technology giving horizontal precision below 2cm, the start-up, or convergence time has also been improved.

“Users can now achieve full accuracy in less than 15 minutes, and as fast as one minute in select areas where RTX Fast network infrastructure is available,” it said.

The company said the performance was enhanced by the use of CenterPoint RTX technology, which delivered RTK level accuracy outside traditional Virtual Reference Station (VRS) networks.

“Trimble RTX provides unprecedented performance from a satellite-delivered correction source,” it said. 

“In addition, corrections are available via an Internet or cellular connection, making it one of the most versatile services available today.”

The company said this allowed users to access high accuracy positioning data to perform precision agriculture without relying on a VRS network or a local RTK base station, improving accuracy in remote locations without a capital investment.  

“By simply powering on an RTX-capable receiver or display, customers can start working quickly with only a minimal convergence period,” it said. 

“As long as the user has line of sight to the sky they can work freely without being constrained by the geographic boundaries of a VRS network.”

The company said the new technology also powered the Trimble xFill technology, which enabled users to continue working when RTK or VRS dropped out by filling in the connection during an outage.

“As a result, users can experience fewer interruptions and less downtime.”

Trimble, vice president advanced positioning division, Patricia Boothe said the RTX offered a global solution, delivering similar performance to VRS where terrestrial networks were unavailable.

"Trimble RTX performance and reliability are changing the positioning game for users who never considered a satellite-delivered correction service for applications traditionally requiring RTK-level accuracy," she said.

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