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Grants available for North Queenslanders living in cyclone prone areas.

FAMILIES living in cyclone prone areas in North Queensland may be eligible for a government grant to help improve the resilience of their homes.


The State Government today announced details of the $20 million Household Resilience Program, which will be made available to eligible residents living in coastal areas between Bundaberg and Cooktown.

Low income families living in houses built before 1984 and within 50km of the coast will benefit from the scheme.

Eligible residents will be income-tested for grants up to $11,250 to fund improvements such as roof replacement, better tie-down and strengthening of windows and doors.

Housing and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni said under the program, eligible applicants enter a co-funded arrangement with the Queensland Government.

“What this means is that the government will co-fund with the home-owner up to $15,000 worth of work, and we’ll cover 75 per cent of the cost,” Mr de Brenni said.

“So we’ll cover up to a maximum of $11,250, with the balance paid by the applicant.

“There are also low or no-interest loans programs available to assist Queenslanders with their share of the cost.”

Mr de Brenni said North Queenslanders had faced the double-whammy of cyclone damage plus insurance premium hikes just when they were trying to get back on their feet in recent years.

“A much better option for Queensland is to improve the resilience of free-standing dwellings in areas north of Bundaberg, up to the tip of Cape York, and across to the Northern Territory border, especially those built before 1984 when tougher regulations were introduced.

“We have been listening to Queenslanders who say they need this support to ensure the safety and security of their homes during cyclone season, and that’s why we’ve introduced the Household Resilience Program.

“Local licenced builders can provide eligible residents with a quote to undertake building work to improve the cyclone resilience of their home, and the program can cover up to 75 percent of the work.

“The Housing Resilience Program funding will be paid directly to the contractor, so home owners aren’t left out of pocket.

“Participating households may be able to negotiate a reduced home insurance premium with their preferred insurer, so I would encourage pre-1984 home owners in the designated region to seriously consider applying.

“It’s all about making sure that we’re planning for the future.”

Applications open on Monday, July 30 2018, with more information available from the website when it goes live at 8am on Monday.


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