Light steers to 332c at Emerald

Emerald weaner steers make 332c

Emerald yards 2180.

Emerald yards 2180.


Values at Emerald on May 17 for all categories, store and prime, lifted substantially from two weeks ago.


Numbers cut by nearly 1000 from a fortnight ago with 2180 head yarded at Emerald on May 17.

Quality was fair, while there was a number of drought affected light weight weaners on offer, values for every single category, store and prime, lifted substantially from two weeks ago.

Prime cattle

In the prime section, a small number of bullocks over 550kg sold to 250c/kg to average 247c, no heavy steers to quote.

Heavy heifers over 400kg were few in numbers but selling to 235c, heavy cows over 520kg made to 209c to average 194c, cows 450-520kg reached 198c to average 188c, while heavy bulls topped at 258c.

Store cattle

In the store section, there were no heavy feeder steers to quote, steers 350-400kg sold to 270c to average 256c, 280-350kg steers reached 302c to average 277c and steers in the 220-280kg made to 205c to average 279c.

Meanwhile light steers under 220kg topped at 332c to average 305c.

Feeder heifers 350-400kg sold to a top of 238c to average 229c, heifers 280-350kg reached 263c to average 231c, 220-280kg heifers topped at 242c to average 223c, while light heifers under 220kg made as much as 249c to average 233c.

No cows and calves to quote.  


Dean Eyles Capella sold Brangus cross steers to 248c to weigh 613kg or $1522.

Glen and Lauretta Horn, Ellerslie, Capella consigned Brangus cross steers to 263c to weigh 348kg and $917.

Josh and Kacey Scott, Colorado, Capella sold Brahman cross steers to 294c to weigh 232kg or $683, while John and Cheryl Randell, Crinum, Tieri offered Angus cross steers to 294c to weigh 250kg or $735.

The Beak family, Bonnie Doon, Comet sold Euro cross heifers making to 238c to weigh 375kg or $895.

Meanwhile the Sams family, Wee Oak, Capella offered Santa weaner heifers to 249c to weigh 183kg and return $456.  


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