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Silvan Selecta manages diesel consumption

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PUMPED UP: The newly released the Selecta diesel digital shut-off gun.

PUMPED UP: The newly released the Selecta diesel digital shut-off gun.


Silvan Selecta manages diesel consumption


FUEL consumption and efficiency can be easily calculated with the release of two new products in the Selecta diesel range. 

Distributed by Silvan Australia, the shut off gun and inline digital meter kit mean farmers and contractors can keep track of diesel as delivered.

Silvan, Selecta merchandise manager, Michael Frost said with the high price of diesel, fueld consumption is an important input cost for many equipment operations.

“The new Selecta digital cut-off  gun delivers information that can be critical to cost budgeting or recovery,” he said.

Mr Frost said the diesel shut off gun has a flow capacity of up to 65 litres per minute.

“The gun will automatically shut off on reaching a tank full position,” he said.

“The digital read out meter enables the fuel delivered per vehicle, or used per job.”

Mr Frost said the system made cost appropriation easier for use with a pumped fuel delivery supply system. 

“The gun is not designed for gravity feed fuel systems,” he said.

Mr Frost said the Selecta digital diesel meter kit was designed for addition to a piped supply line and can be sued to confirm a tank fill level or fuel stock.

“Our Selecta diesel delivery range offers extensive component choices,” he said.

“For farmers or businesses wanting to create efficient fuel delivery systems with individual twelve volt pump, reels and components, or as kits.

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