Best butts crowned

Best butt winners crowned at Julia Creek Dirt N Dust.


Australia's best butts for 2018 have been identified.

Australia's best butt winners Zena Scott, 24, and Dale Maher, 23.

Australia's best butt winners Zena Scott, 24, and Dale Maher, 23.

It’s official – tight touches and desirable derrieres are toned and shaped in the Isa.

Two Mount Isa residents were crowned as proud owners of Australia’s best-butts during a hotly contested denim dance off at the Julia Creek Dirt N Dust festival.

Zena Scott, 24, and Dale Maher, 23, took out the top gong in the coveted contest on Saturday night.

Ms Scott, who earlier in the day won Best Dressed Lady at the Julia Creek races, said the best butts contest was very exciting and energetic.

“I would find that the fashions on the field was a lot more strict and formal, but the best butt competition was far more relaxed,” Ms Scott said.

“It’s fantastic I live in the Isa and all the people should come to the outback, for the dirt, the dust, the flies... camping in a swag.”

Mr Maher said he had attended the Dirt N Dust before and decided to enter best butts to get the full festival experience.

“I’ve always lived out in rural country, in Richmond, Hughenden, this is the event everyone goes to to socialise,” Mr Maher said.

“Tonight it was more of a fun time to do the whole experience, I’d been to Dirt N Dust and never done this one thing.

“It was just more fun, everyone on stage was being so energetic and so fun.

“This weekend is what we are all about in the outback.

“Friendship, fun, and family.”


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