Light steers 354c at Emerald

Emerald light steers make 354c


Bullocks saw a surge in price, up 10c on last week’s market while store cows drove the cow market at the February 22 Emerald cattle sale.


After recent rain events over the last three days, Emerald agents yarded 1300 head on February 22.

Emerald yards 1300.

Emerald yards 1300.

Bullocks saw a surge in price, up 10c on last week’s market while store cows drove the cow market today with the over 520kg cows staying firm.

Feeder weight cattle lacked in both quality and quantity, however light store steers and heifers lifted in rate significantly in front of strong panel of re-stockers. In the prime section, bullocks over 550kg topped at 262c to average 258c, heavy steers 500–550kg reached 269c to average 259c.

Heavy heifers over 400kg topped at 246c and averaged 235c, heavy cows over 520kg topped at 213c and averaged 210c, 450-520kg cows made to 213c to average 209c, while heavy bulls over 600kg reached 255c to average 211c.

In the store section, heavy feeder steers 400–500kg made to 266c to average 243c, while trade feeder steers 350–400kg topped at 276c and averaged 234c due to quality.

Backgrounder steers 280-350kg made to 270c and averaged 258c also due to quality, weaner steers 200-280kg sold to 354c and averaged 307c, while light steers under 200kgs topped at 354c to average 330c.

Feeder heifers 350–400kg reached 244c and averaged 223c, backgrounder heifers 280-350kg topped at 245c to average 236c, while weaner heifers 200-280kg reached 274c to average 244c and heifers under 200kg topped at 310c averaging 265c.

Two single cows and calves came were on offer, the lead pen consisted of a large framed Droughtmaster cow in forward condition with a weaner sized bull calf at foot making to $1660.


The Esmond family of Lucknow, Capella consigned Droughtmaster cross bullocks reaching 256c to weigh 785kg and returning $2011.

Meanwhile the Beak family of Riverview, Comet sold Santa cross cows topping at 210c and weighing 584kg or $1228.  

Robert Chaplain of Erap, Richmond offered Red Angus steers that reached 354c to weigh 202kg returning $715, while the heifers made to 275c weighing 181kg to return $498.


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