Bullocks to 258c at Charters Towers

Charters Towers bullocks make 258c


Lines of well finished good quality cows and bullocks were on offer at Charters Towers on February 21.


Charters Towers combined agents yarded a total of 2341 cattle consisting of 1066 prime cattle and 1275x185 store cattle. The prime cattle consisted of 251 bullocks, 65 heifers, 707 cows and 43 bulls. Store cattle yarded: 646 steers, 444 heifers and 185 cows and calves.

Cattle comprised of good lines of well finished bullocks and cows along with a portion of the yarding showing the effects of the season. The yarding was drawn from Collinsville, McKinlay, Cloncurry, Prairie, Julia Creek, Richmond, Georgetown, Local and coastal areas.

Prime Quotes:

Bullocks were quoted 3c dearer, heifers were firm, and cows were 5c easier and bulls were no change on last week’s rates.

Medium steers up to 500kg made 256c to average 238c, heavy steers over 500kg sold to 258c to average 257c.

Medium heifers up to 440kg topped 250c to average 220c, while heavy heifers over 440kg sold to 224c to average 224c.

Cows up to 400kg made 214c to average 149c, while heavy cows over 400kg sold to 219c to average 201c.

Bulls up to 450kg topped at 270c to average 230c and bulls over 450kg made 259c to avergage 226c.

Brahman cross bullocks sold by Scona Pastoral Co, Charters Towers topped at 253c, weighed 644kg to return $1631.

Best priced Trade heifers were presented by Ken Peace, Charters Towers which made 250c to weigh 388kg and return $971.

The top pen of cows were sold GT Batt, Kooroora, McKinlay for 219c and weighed 565kg to return $1238.

Bulls sold by SW Pemble, Barrington Stn, topped at 252c and weighed 717kg to return $1807.

Store Quotes:

Store cattle comprised of some very good runs of steers which sold up to 2c dearer on last week’s rates where the heifers were of mixed quality and were back 3c on last week. Better lines of cattle still selling well with plainer types finding reduced competition.

Steers up to 200kg topped at 276c to average 207c, steers 200-320kg sold to 306c to average 267c, steers 320–400kg made 254c to average 213c, while steers over 400kg sold to 256c to average 256c.

Heifers up to 200kg made 240c to average 236c, heifers 200–320kg topped at 258c to average 197c, and heifers 320-370kg sold to 230c to average 225c.

A very good quality line of 260 Brahman steers from Mt McConnell Grazing avg 297c and weighed an avg of 256kg returning $760.

A good pen of 16 Grey Brahman heifers a/c Ken Peace made 258c, weighed 251kg and returned an average of $647.

A large yarding of cows and calves with the vast majority being of mixed quality and showing the effects of the season selling from $350 to $1020.


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