Only six submissions so far in regional airfares inquiry

Only six submissions so far in regional airfares inquiry


Just three weeks to go before the close date


With just three weeks to go before the closing date for submissions to the parliamentary inquiry into air fares for rural, regional and remote communities, there have been only six submissions so far.

Allyson Sanewski told the inquiry the cost of flights from Mount Isa was an issue.

“My husband and I are travelling to Europe in 2018 at an around the world fare for both of us for A$3600 (Qantas),” she said.

“For us to fly to Brisbane to connect with that flight, we have to leave two days earlier due to Qantas cancelling flights at the last minute (which happens regularly) meaning we have to spend money on two nights’ accommodation as well at the cost of $478 plus our flights of $1981 return. That is nearly the total cost of our flights to Europe just to get to Brisbane and back.”

Alisha Kidner said people were being punished for living in Mount Isa.

“Travel to Cairns, Townsville and Brisbane costs around $800 return for a standard fare, sometimes more,” she said. “Once we get to those locations, it is a fraction of the cost to travel overseas.”

David McCrindle told the inquiry cheap regional flights won’t happen until more people fly but more people won’t fly until the flights were cheaper. 

“Everyone who lives in agreed post codes should get two return cheap / subsidized flight vouches per year which can be saved up to two years,” Mr McCrindle said. “There should also be additional access for funeral (immediate family) and medical purposes.”

You can make your submissions on the parliamentary website by February 5 or else tell your experiences to the North West Star and we will add it to our submission.

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