Bullocks to 260c at Charters Towers

Charters Towers bullocks to 260c


Cattle were comprised of mixed lines of prime bullocks and a good line of cows at Charters Towers prime and store sale on November 29.


Charters Towers combined agents presented a total of 1122 cattle on November 29 with the yarding consisting of 603 prime cattle and 519 store cattle. The prime cattle were made up of 121 bullocks, 12 heifers, 430 cows and 40 bulls.

Store cattle consisted of 251 steers, 245 heifers, 23 cows and 23 calves.

Cattle comprised of mixed lines of prime bullocks and a good line of cows, the condition was very good. The yarding was drawn from Greenvale, Pentland, Julia Creek, local and coastal areas. Bullocks were quoted as unchanged, heifers were insufficient to quote and cows were 7c easer on last week’s rates. Bulls were 3c dearer on last week’s rates.

Prime quotes

Bullocks sold for 260c/kg for 15 ox sold on from Atkinson Development that weighed 466kg to return $1212 per head.

A pen of heavy feeder steers sold for 285c/kg that weighed 439kg to return $1252 per head.

A pen of trade heifers were presented on from David Jackson and Sons which made 220c/kg to weigh 390kg and return $858 per head.

The top pen of cows were sold by Mt Douglas Pastoral Co for 225c/kg and weighed 618kg to return $1393 per head.

Bulls sold up to 247c/kg with a good pen sold on from R Flute for 230c/kg and weighed 751kg to return $1728 per head.

Store Quotes:

Store cattle were mostly drawn from local and coastal areas. The market was up to 15c dearer for steers and down 5-10c for heifer.

A pen of 12 steers from B and K Heuir made 354c/kg and weighed 227kg, returning an average of $805 per head.

A good pen of 38 heifers from Glenell Grazing made 314c/kg, weighed 191kg and returned an average of $600 per head.

An offering of 9 x 9 cows and calves sold on from B and F Murray returned $1140 per unit.


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