Gracemere weaner heifers make 334.2c

Gracemere weaner heifers make 334.2c


There was a quality yarding of 2880 cattle at Gracemere on Friday.


Gracemere agents penned 2880 head on Friday, comprised of 1255 steers, 930 heifers, 536 cows, 101 cows and calves and 58 bulls. Quality was good throughout the yarding including a good line of heavy bullocks from Middlemount and an excellent line of heavy 4 score cows from Blackwater.

A full gallery of buyers kept competition strong across the yarding and the market remained firm, with younger cattle following interstate trends of increased prices.

Slaughter steers sold to  299.2c, average 259.7c, steers 400-500kg made 302.2c, average 289.1c, steers 300-400kg reached 332.2c, average 296.4c, steers 200-300kg made 400.2c, average 358.2c and steers under 200kg sold to 406.2c, average 373.4c.

Slaughter cows sold to 266.2c, average 235.3c, cows 400-450kg made 255.2c, average 209.4c, cows 320-400kg reached 251.2c, average 194.8, and cows under 320kg made 200c, average 170.7c.

Heavy heifers sold to 277.2c, average 258.4c, heifers 300-400kg made 323.2c, average 266.7c, heifers 200-300kg reached 334.2c, average 296.8c, and heifers under 200kg made 334.2c, average 308.2c.

Cows and calves sold to $1425, average $1000.

Bulls over 600kg made 229.2c, average 220.9c, bulls 450-600kg reached 250.2c, average 228.2c and bulls under 450kg sold to 322.2c, average 273.6c.


Turley Cattle Co  Plataway Station, Middlemount sold an excellent line of Brahman cross bullocks topping at 266c weighing 586kg to return $1515/hd.

Alec and Sharon Wilson, Dululu sold cross-breed prime cattle to top at 258c, weighing 516kg, to return $133/hd.

David Black and family, Gogango sold Droughtmaster cross cows for 235c, weighing 595kg, to return $1399/hd.

EM and RF Bella Oben Park, Nebo sold Brangus weaner heifers for 330c weighing 251kg to return $830/hd while their steers sold for 384c to return $982/hd.

F Cranston, Morinish sold quality Droughtmaster cross weaner steers to a top of 392c, weighing 218kg, to return $855/hd.

Jeff Ohl and family, Gogango sold quality Droughtmaster cross steers for 320c, weighing 323kg, to return $1066/hd.

Kev Russell and family, Dingo sold Droughtmaster cross weaner steers to top 390c, weighing 255kg, to return $986/hd.

L and C Head, Koumala sold Brahman cross No 6 steers to average 346kg at 293c, returning $1076/hd.

Mick and Marg Teys, Dululu sold Droughtmaster cross weaner steers to top 390c, weighing 249kg, to return $973/hd.

P Connor, Morinish sold Charbray heifers for 277c, weighing 33kg and returning $1477/hd.

R MacDonald, Bajool sold Brangus weaner steers for 400c, weighing 227kg and returning $895/hd.

Schick family, Boondoola sold Red Brangus weaner steers to top at 398c, weighing 201kg, to return $802/hd.


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