Brangus steers to 350c at Emerald

Emerald Brangus steers make 350c


Overall the trend was dearer throughout the heifers and the steers under 200kg at the September 14 Emerald cattle sale.


More than 2000 head were yarded at the September 14 store and prime sale, primarily large runs of creditable weaner cattle were on offer.

Most cattle were drawn from the local region with the exception of one large run of steers and heifers from the Jericho area.

Overall the trend was dearer throughout the heifers and the steers under 200kg. Steers to feed displayed a mixture of quality and consequently received a decrease on the average.

Steers over 550kg topped at 260c to average 249c, steers 500–550kg are not quotable due to only one animal being offered in this category, while steers 400–500kg reaching a high of 280c and averaging at 247c, steers 350–400kg topped at 287c to average at 239c.

Steers in the 280–350kg weight range topped at 350c and averaged 287c, while steers 200–280kg topped at 368c and averaging 336c, steers under 200kg topped at 385c and averaged 370c.

Heifers over 400kg topped at 274c and averaged 262c, while heifers 350–400kg reached 277c and averaged 265c, with heifers 280–350kg topping at 283c and averaging 269c, while heifers 200–280kg reached 300c and averaging 276c, heifers under 200kg topped at 298c and averaged 278c.

Cows over 520kg topped at 213c to average 206c, with cows 450–520kg reaching 211c and averaging at 201c.

No cows and calves were consigned this week.


John Sullivan, Cowley, of Springsure consigned Braford cross steers reaching 323c to average 305kg to return $985, The Burston family, Broadlea Station, Nebo sold Brangus steers to top the 280–350kg category attracting a buying price of 350c averaging 284kg or $994.

Lyn Sypher of West Park, Emerald sold Droughtmaster heifers that topped the under 200kg category receiving 298c and averaging 198kg or $590, John Sullivan, Cowley, Springsure consigned Hereford cross heifers at 295c and averaging 250kg or $737.

The Davison family, Mt Donald, Clermont offered Brahman heifers with two pens recording the highest price for their individual categories, the first pen reached 283c to average 340kg or $964, and the second pen received 277c averaging 360kg returning $997.

John Sullivan of, Cowley, at Springsure also sold Brahman cows that topped the over 520kg cow category recording 213c averaging 632kg and returning $1348, The Randell family, Mt Stuart, Capella consigned Brahman cows that made 211c to average 535kg or $1130.


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