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Water creeps closer to Wallaga Lake Road

Water creeps closer to the edge of Wallaga Lake Road. Photo: Alana Beitz

Water creeps closer to the edge of Wallaga Lake Road. Photo: Alana Beitz


Water levels alongside Wallaga Lake Road are on the rise, but no steps are in place to open the lake yet.


The tides are creeping closer to the road at Wallaga, but they are still some way from triggering an artificial opening of the lake. 

Currently, Wallaga lake is sitting at 1.06m above mean sea level, but needs to rise another 20cm before Bega Valley Shire Council will step in to open the entrance bar. 

The water levels have been a concern for nearby residents for almost a month, with council receiving a number of calls regarding the matter. 

Council coastal management officer Kyran Crane said he was taking a “wait and watch” approach to the water levels due to the recent lack of rain.

“The levels are constantly monitored using an electronic reader, so we keep an eye on it over the internet,” he said.

“We have received a number of calls about the lake levels, but there is still another 20cm to go, I think people forget just how high the water can reach there.”

High water levels at Wallaga Lake | Video, photos

Council will open Wallaga Lake if water levels exceed 1.26m above the mean sea level, and consider opening the lake if it remains between 1.1-1.25m above sea level for longer than three months.

The median rainfall for Wallaga Lake area during September to November is 209mm, and the Bureau of Meteorology predicts it is likely the region will experience a higher rainfall this Spring.  

In an effort to reduce artificial intervention, council hopes that development and assets around the lake will be raised, relocated or flood proofed so the lake can be left to open more naturally in the future. 

INTERACTIVE: Use the slider below to compare Wallaga Lake Road photographed on Tuesday, September 12 compared to a Google Maps still captured in April this year.

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