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Get ready for PBR Townsville

Troy Wilkinson who went on to win the National Champion Title in July this year, competing in 2016.

Troy Wilkinson who went on to win the National Champion Title in July this year, competing in 2016.


The Iron Cowboy PBR event is on its way back to Townsville this year!


It was back in 1999 that the PBR (Professional Bull Riders) first delivered an event to Townsville, 18 consecutive years later and the event itself has put more than a million dollars into the wrangler pockets of cowboys with more than 150,000 spectators witnessing more than 1600 bulls buck out in what is considered one of the most intimate bull riding venue experiences in the nation.

The positive economic on-flow affects to the Townsville and broader community have been substantial since its inception and will continue to do so as it moves towards its 20th anniversary celebration in 2019.

Being the inaugural PBR event to debut in Australia, the Townsville event is steep in bull riding history and has given sports enthusiasts the opportunity to witness world ranked bull riders going head to head on Australia’s toughest bulls over the years.

Townsville is and always will be a very special tour stop for the PBR said PBR General Manager, Glen Young.

“I’ve been involved with this event since day one and I’m a local, so it is important that this event stands alone amongst all other competitions to satisfy long term fans, attract new fans but most importantly insure the event is a historic event to win amongst the athletes that compete in it,” Mr Young said. 

“Our normal cup series format consists of the top 22 athletes all competing on 2 bulls, with the top 8 progressing to a 3rd bull in the championship round to determine the winner.

“Three bulls in one night or one weekend for that matter at this level of competition is gruelling enough.

“With Iron Cowboy, we have added an additional two rounds of competition that will now see the athletes competing on four bulls each and the top eight progressing to a fifth bull in the finale.”

Last year riders could progress on times if they didn’t make a score, this time it will be back to the eight second ride.

In 2016, a record attendance of fans cheered on through the night until there was one cowboy left, Troy Wilkinson, who went on to win the National Champion Title in July 2017.

“The iron cowboy is like no other event, it tests your endurance, state of mind and the pain and stress your body can with take. It's the ultimate challenge in bull riding, not only do you have to ride consistent and make the whistle each, you also have to outperform 21 other riders all with the same like-minded goal,” Troy Wilkinson said.

“The concept and format really brings out the true champion and who wants it the most.”

“It's one of the best crowds we get at any event in Australia, the stadium creates an awesome atmosphere and makes you want to perform.”

Tickets for the Iron Cowboy are now on sale, visit tecc.net.au or phone 07 4771 4000.

For an enhanced PBR experience, fans can purchase exclusive VIP on the Dirt Passes which provide access down on the arena floor for a Dirt Experience like no other.

This is an exclusive chance to meet with Champion Riders, Protection Athletes and the Bulls of the PBR, autograph and picture opportunity, and a chance to be up close and personal like never before, limited tickets available.


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