Faye’s 50 years surrounded by ‘family’

Faye Ryan retires from Kings Meadows Woolies after 50 years


A Kings Meadows Woolworths employee has packed her final bag after 50 years


Faye Ryan, or Aunty as she’s affectionately known, has been packing bags at Kings Meadows Woolworths for more than 50 years. 

But on Friday, she packed her last bag at her favourite checkout.

At 67, Aunty said it was time for her next adventure away from her work family. 

Aunty never imagined staying at Woolies for so long, but has made many friends and witnessed many changes. 

“Technology has changed. But, when the power goes off my mind still works so I get called into work. I’m not really up with technology,” she said. “But you get to know everyone so well. I’ve served four generations, I’ve seen them grow up.”

The store’s manager, Mark Redburn, said it would be strange not having her around. 

“It will be weird coming down this end of the store and not finding Faye at register three,” he said.

Aunty’s love for register number three is because it’s close to the door. 

“I like it there because if the shop gets on fire, I’m the first one out,” she joked.

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