Weaner steers to 387c at Emerald

Emerald weaner steers crack 387c

Emerald yards just under 1200.

Emerald yards just under 1200.


There was a quality line up of weaner steers on offer and a strong restocker presence at the August 10 Emerald cattle sale.


With an increase in numbers this week, the Emerald agents collectively yarded just under 1200 head on August 10.

With a quality line up of weaner steers on offer, a strong presence from re-stockers was evident with all the usual meatworks buyers operating as per usual.

Steers over 550kg topped at 255c to average 243c, steers 500-550kg topping at 262c and averaging 253c, while steers 400-500kg reaching a high of 273c and averaging at 251c.

Steers 350-400kg topped at 280c to average at 233c, with steers 280-350kg topping at 365c and averaging 289c, while steers in the weaner weight ranges reached 387c to average 345c.

Heifers over 400kg topped at 250c and averaged 243c, while heifers 350-400kg reached 265c and averaged 218c, with heifers in the weaner weight ranges reaching 290c and averaging 257c.

Cows over 520kg topped at 204c to average 197c, with cows 450-520kg reaching 201c and averaging at 194c. A pen of neatly framed Brahman cross cows with calves at foot made to $1160 per unit.


The Daniels family, Stonybrook, Springsure consigned Santa Gertrudis steers topping at 245c and averaging 717kg returning $1759. Shaun White, Picardy, Dysart sold Brahman cross steers at 273c weighing 483kg or $1321.

The Dyer family, Mountain View, Alpha consigned Brahman cross cows at 201c to weigh 612kg returning $1232, while The Ross family of Capella sold Brahman cows to 193c averaging 522kg and returning $1008. Steven and Lucy Bliss, Eldeebar, Dingo sold Droughtmaster steers to 374c weighing in at 270kg to return $1012.

Phil and Margaret Dowe and family, Eldeebar, Dingo consigned a top quality draft of Droughtmaster/Red Brangus cross weaner steers which attracted very solid competition from buyers topping at 375c weighing at 260kg and returning $977.

The Daniels family, Ivy Vale, Gindie sold Droughtmaster heifers at 230c weighing at 565kg or $1300. The Prince family, Janibee, Capella sold Droughtmaster cross heifers to 265c weighing 396kg returning $1051.


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