Brahman cross steers make 304c average at Gracemere

Gracemere Brahman cross steers average 304c


Quality was good across the board at the March 17 Gracemere cattle sale.


A smaller yarding than last week was offered on March 17 at Gracemere with 3800 head penned, consisting of  1195 steers, 1740 heifers, 605 cows, 165 cows and calves and 40 bulls. Quality was good throughout the sale.

However there were a lot more drought-stressed cattle in the pens. The cattle were mostly drawn from local areas along with some from as far away as Collinsville. There was the usual field of buyers which included live export and western re-stockers and competition was good with prices a little better for many classes.


KJ&SJ Lines, Dululu, sold Brahman cross steers to average 304c for 440kg to return $1340.

SJ&MJ Walsh, Marmor, sold Charbray weaner steers for 376c weighing 242kg to return $909.

GJ Besch,  Bajool, sold feeder Droughtmaster heifers for 272c for a weight of 343kg returning $935.

Cedar Creek Grazing, Gogango, sold Droughtmaster cows to top at 221c weighing 622kg to return $1375.

Shane Griffin, Charons’ Ferry, Ogmore, sold quality Brangus weaner steers for 366c weighing 253kg returning $927.

Lance Hawkins and family, Kalapa, sold Droughtmaster steers to top at 302c for 374kg returning $1130.

Bularra Nominees, Ubobo, sold crossbred No.5/6 steers to average 297c weighing 352kg returning $1048.

DA Creed, Bajool, sold Droughtmaster cross steers for 290c for a weight of 397kg returning $1155.

Colinta Holdings, Hauilah, sold quality Charbray feeder heifers to top at 276c weighing 414kg to return $1144.

Mark Warnock, Morinish, sold Droughtmaster cross weaner steers to top at 377c for 197kg to return $743.

KL&BK Greaves, Goovigen, sold Santa cross weaner steers to top at 362c weighing 230kg to return $805.  They also sold a run of Santa cross heifers to top at 318c  to return $655.

Hamco Pastoral, Linden Hills Ridgelands, sold quality Droughtmaster cows and calves for $1550 per unit.


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