Roping catches on |Photos

Roping catches on |Photos


Australasian Team Roping Association (ATRA) held an event at the Cloncurry Equestrian Centre on Saturday that saw over 140 entries.


Australasian Team Roping Association (ATRA) held an event at the Cloncurry Equestrian Centre on Saturday that saw over 140 entries.

The event consisted of team roping, machine roping, ladies breakaway, exhibition barrel race, junior breakaway, junior barrel race, junior dummy roping and junior team roping.

Results: Machine Roping

1st Kate Cusack and Caly Dodd 

2nd Maisy Hetherington and Cade Ferguson 

3rd Brandee Ferguson and Wade Forster

Girls Team Roping

1st Rae Etta Harrison and Ronnie Purse

2nd Lee Moore and Andrew Voll

3rd Clay Dodd and Ray Jones

Team Roping

1st Ian Remfrey and Andrew Voll

2nd Andrew Forster and Mavryn Remfrey 

3rd Andrew Forster and Andrew Voll

Junior Team Rope Hot Heels

1st Brandee and Cade Ferguson

Junior Breakaway

1st Maisy Hetherington

Ladies Breakaway

1st Maisy Hetherington 

2nd Louise Wiles 

3rd Kate Cusack

First Division Barrel Race  

1st Liz Cook

2nd Kate Cusack

3rd Tessa Storman

Second Division Barrel Race

1st Brandee Ferguson (Penny)

2nd Grace Darr

3rd Brandee Ferguson (Klinger)

Third Division Barrel Race

1st Emma Forster 

2nd Samantha Robertson 

3rd Crystal Adams

Pee Wee Barrels

1st Bronzon Mara Danielle S Mara

2nd Wyatt Mara Danielle S Mara

3rd Charlie Liz Cook

8-12yrs Barrels

1st Brielle Dodd 

2nd Cade Ferguson 

3rd Billie Jean Mara

13-17 yrs Barrels

1st Tessa Storman 

2nd Brandee Ferguson 

3rd Grace Darr


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