Markets up to 10c dearer at Towers

Up to 10c increase at Charters Towers sale


Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 1357 cattle at the prime and store sale at Dalrymple Saleyards on March 15.


Charters Towers Combined Agents yarded a total of 1357 cattle at the prime and store sale at Dalrymple Saleyards on March 15.

The yarding consisted of 493 prime cattle and 864 store cattle.  

The prime cattle consisted of 198 bullocks, 79 heifers, 189 cows and 27 bulls. 

The store cattle consisted of 351 steers, 513 heifers and 0 cows and calves.

Prime cattle comprised of both good lines of finished meat works bullocks and cows and mixed lines of trade heifers. 

The yarding was drawn from Georgetown, Einasleigh, Dimbulah, Paluma, Clermont, Hughenden, Pentland, Cape Cleveland and the Charters Towers district.

In the prime quotes, bullocks were quoted 2-4c dearer, heifers were 2-4c dearer and lighter cows sold to the same rates as last week with heavy Cows 2-4c dearer. Bulls sold to 8-10c dearer on last week’s rates.

Bullocks topped at 266c/kg for 18 red Brahman cross bullocks sold on account of Atkinson Development Co. weighing 576kg returning $1,533 per head.

The best priced pen of 15 trade heifers was presented on behalf of Blue Dog Trading Co, Aguatra making 248c/kg weighing 446kg and returned $1,106 per head.

The top pen of 11 cows was sold by BW and GJ Kirkwood, Somerview, Charters Towers for 222c/kg and weighed 564kg returning $1,254 per head.

Bulls sold on account of LI and JA Investments, Wade, Greenvale topped at 237c/kg and weighed 470kg to return $1,114 per head.

Store quotes saw a much bigger supply and better quality overall. Store cattle saw both steers and heifers increase by 6-10c for all descriptions backed by a gallery of buyers with more confidence after recent rainfall in the district.

A pen of eight quality high grade grey No7 steers sold on account of CC and T Archer, Charters Towers, made 350c/kg and weighed 243kg and returned $849 per head.  

A pen of 13 Brahman No7 steers made 361c/kg to weigh 172kg and return $622 sold on account of Foot and Brownsey, Charters Towers.

A good pen of 15 Brahman heifers on account of Brad Howe, Zig Zag, Paluma, made 324c/kg weighing194kg and returned a good average of $628 per head.

No cows and calves were yarded this week.

The next prime and store sale is booked for Wednesday March 22.


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