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Japanese tech company offers LiDAR technology to farming sector.


LiDAR technology from Japanese company Terra Drone Corporation is set to make its Australian debut.

Claiming to be Japan’s leading UAV provider, Terra Drone has established a Brisbane office as base for its roll-out of the technology to the agricultural sector and other industries.

Terra Drone UAVs claim to integrate the most advanced LiDAR laser scanning sensors in the market, to  deliver advanced accuracy within three centimetres and 3D models with high definition.

Brisbane branch chief, Tsuyoshi Honda, said the company launched in Australia because of the drone-friendly policy framework and would bring financial and safety benefits to farmers.

“Modern technology such as UAVs is vital to ensure Australia’s agricultural sector maintains its competitive edge internationally and enhances productivity,” Mr Honda said.

“Compared with conventional surveying, Terra Drone’s solutions can slash costs to as much as one fifth of traditional methods and one tenth the time, while enhancing reliability and safety with our proprietary technology.”

UAVs offer a range of benefits for farmers, including the ability to detect stress levels in plants, irrigation problems and infestations, along with the potential to maximise yields and minimise or prevent crop loss.

Terra Drone will provide surveying services direct to construction and infrastructure management companies, benefitting from its significant experience in forestry and vegetation data capture, particularly in assessing encroachment on powerlines and critical infrastructure.

The company also intends to offer hardware and software solutions to third party drone operators.

Terra Drone says it is also active in the fields of precision agriculture, disaster relief, obstacle avoidance and UAV fleet management.

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