When are the RBA and the Australian Banks going to stop propping the Au$ up by having the Australia Interest rates 2% to 3% higher than the rest of the Developed World namely America ( the world's largest economy), Japan, Europe and England?
Australian Businesses that have borrowed and that export are getting three hits to their bottom line - inflated operating costs, inflated Interest costs and deflated income from their sales that are exported.
Australian exports 72% of the beef produced so no wonder Australian Cattlemen are struggling.
What a load of 'cherry picking rubbish'
There are more farms for sale now than ever before. If you want the real story go to the Northern and Eastern Wheatbelts
29/01/15 09:53 PM
Be interesting to find Bankers who understand the whole "Natural Capital" field. Most of them struggle to understand farming time lines (cycles) at the best of time.
28/01/15 02:54 AM
Well, whom would have known? The US has its fair share of ill-informed self-serving rednecks too!
27/01/15 10:16 PM
Good show! For the sake of struggling exporters (who are bringing in much needed income for Australia), let's hope that it continues to fall. The amount of money that exporters have lost due to the high level of the dollar (because the RBA and the Aussie Bankers have kept Interest Rates far above those of America, Europe, Japan and England) would be enormous.
Let's hope it can drop to the 60c range so that some of these losses can be recuperated.


We lived with him, we laughed with him, drank, ate, worked, played and prayed with him, a truly amazing man/legend and one of the humblest people to ever walk God's green earth......Goodbye Chief.
29/01/15 04:59 AM
RIP Mr Kahl. I remember as a student of Moree High visiting the Kahls' cotton property in about 1965. He took up a challenge that may not have been successful.
28/01/15 02:46 PM
The issue with pools is that it is still the producer carrying the price risk.
If Pool operators are so confident of out performing the market then perhaps they should buy, and trade the grain.
28/01/15 12:43 AM
SA growers are the most consolidated in the country given they were able to bring their ABB equity home to their farm balance sheets. Now competition will arrive to deliver savings. Ever notice how you never hear a crow eater whinging? That's because they have been laughing all the way to the bank.
21/01/15 10:09 PM
GRDC trying to sell its relevance yet again, albeit very poorly. The reality is this advice on effective soil testing is given by independent soil scientists and the lime companies themselves. GRDC levies nothing more than a tax on gross proceeds, whether you make money that year or not.
16/01/15 10:29 PM


Australia, you amaze as when Abbott & Lib`s were in Gov;They were never any good,even little Johnnie had to camouflage he`s indifferences & show compassion, but Abbott never did,& he has got worse...HELLO, wake up....
27/01/15 11:16 PM
What! ; more floods?
Flannery told us that that dams were never going to fill again so the Labor Brumby government built a great white elephant called a desalination plant, put in a north south pipeline stealing water from rural Victoria (and South Australians). I do wonder whether these so called experts who make up computer models realise that they only predict from inputed data which is guesswork on behalf of the modeller (garbage in = garbage out). Have they made any allowances for nature to compensate from the extra growth producing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the 100 years?
27/01/15 02:26 AM
Something has got to stop both major parties muddling from one episode to another of "Yes Minister"
26/01/15 10:15 PM
There have been plenty of sheep herding and cattle herding nations that have managed without dogs. But that requires the herders to be in better condition than most Australians are. The young blokes will waste all their energy playing football but if you ask them to muster on foot without a dog they are suddenly too tired to move. Since farming has become an occupation almost exclusively for old men, dogs have increased in importance. Even the author quoted here admts to being a "dog lover" and as such is not a reliable source. Yes, I am an old man and rely on my dogs.
26/01/15 07:31 PM
the best option is to introduce physician assistant in primary care. they dont need provider number but just low cost salary. the UK has embarked on this means.
25/01/15 01:45 AM


This looks like what we used to call Pine Melon disease back in the fifties and sixties in North Queensland.
Pine Melons used to grow wild and was spread by birds and wild pigs. We used to dig any vines we used to see to try and control the disease.
09/01/15 02:44 AM
I bet an audit of levie funded projects would determine a lot of money is spent propping up supposed peak industry bodies via over funded projects that are given to themselves under the 'selection' process.
Of course the industry bodies that don't do this have nothing to be scared of under the new model?
02/01/15 03:03 AM
Well deserved and an inspiration to others in the manufacturing sector showing that building things in Australia is still possible and that we do not have to become a services and resources based economy.
I do wonder if all the sharing that is going on in regards to plant breeding is not creating a new level of exposure. I noticed a while ago breeders were going into the deep valleys of Khazakhastan (or somewhere like that) to get recently untapped lines of wheat and lucerne. Are we making ourselves vulnerable by decreasing the natural variability that occurs throughout the world over time?
05/12/14 01:55 AM
this is brilliant
30/11/14 10:30 PM


Pays to remember that the " international animal welfare standards," are not high, and that the measure of a positive welfare outcome is that they survived..hardly good welfare.
now that there's an "ag boom" we might see some farmers with way too much money winning big races............don't hold your breath.
05/01/15 11:59 PM
The same phenomena has been observed in wild pigs in Indonesia.
14/12/14 12:44 AM
Or ... you could look and kangaroos as a resource other than dingo food and harvest their numbers back to a point where their numbers are not impacting on pasture growth. Of cause that is just plain WRONG because that's means someone might be making profit from kangaroos. And something everyone who has ever been any were near our universities knows with absolute certainty, is that - to profit from nature is evil.
12/12/14 08:45 PM
Yet another instance of where Senator Backs proposed Ag protection laws and the NSW bio security bill will be very good things. If you have genuine footage, give it to the proper people quickly. If you place animals in danger, pay the price for those acts be you a producer or an activist. Activists are not above the law. How long until we see physical harm come to people in the livestock industries as a result of the frenzy of hatred being whipped up by some organisations and their more extreme supporters?
Instances of property damage and threats against producers are becoming more prevalent.
11/12/14 11:24 PM


Quads already have notices stating children must not ride them. If they do then it is something their parents must live with. Saying that, I rode thousands of km's on a full size quad as a child an never had a problem. From Tony's figures only a handful of people out of the hundreds of thousands riding quads died from a roll over. Hardly a huge danger. Facts are farmers rely on quads to produce food and fibre for this country and our exports. How many people died in their bathroom last year? 100? 300?
26/01/15 08:37 PM

Rural Lifestyle

only when people realize that corporate farms or foreign owned are less profitable in so many ways that the penny will drop' Farmers need more co-ops, farmer owned and controlled,less leeches controlling our produce and communities less tax sink holes for the rich and shameless, as an European man told me just recently (the only thing wrong with your country is you've never been hungry)they are tort the importance of profitable ,sustainable and passion that is required, in school,we have been manipulated into price takers by clever bean counters profiteering and govt requiring cheap food.


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Well that's fine, if Joyce wants to divert the majority of the Senate recommendations grass fed
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With so little now produced in Australia then farm inputs will quickly rise in price because all
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When are the RBA and the Australian Banks going to stop propping the Au$ up by having the
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