All $2 shareholders of cbh take note. Wouldn't you like a return on investment like this? Wake up before it is too late and get cbh worth something on your balance sheets.
"NFF CEO Tony Mahar outlined five key points raised during discussions that will now be followed up on." This man told me to ga away last year when I politely asked NFF to get behind the PPP plan. This is the ONLY thing worth pursuing for unless we can get some proceeds @ farmgate- then we won't be producing so won't need infra structure. SURELY Brent- you don't need a study into where beef is produced in OZ. The white paper into "Competitiveness" will show you up and make you all redundant. Motherhood platitudes- spare us all - same crap different year!
20/08/14 03:47 AM
Joe Ludwig take note of the human suffering your knee jerk reaction created in Australia. This is nothing to the suffering caused by stopping the food supply to Indonesia. All politicians take note that your actions can ruin many lives so easily and act very carefully in future.
18/08/14 03:55 PM
AWI you're next.
18/08/14 03:42 AM
The market has to correct back in line with the earning capacity of these businesses. Unfortunately that is going to mean a lot of pain for a lot of people. My main concern is that the banks receive their share of the pain, so they learn a lesson about unrestrained lending. Ultimately all the money from Government bailouts ends up in the banks coffers, and they feel little or no pain.
17/08/14 10:23 PM


This again raises the question of the USA's past attacks on Iraq (with little Johnny Howards help). They were more stable under Sadam Huisein, and remember nobody ever found the weapons of mass destruction which they used as an excuse to attack.
What is happening now is surely more barbaric than ever before.
To think our greatest ever agricultural marketing system was a casualty of the USA instigated attacks, makes it an even greater travesty for Australia and the people of Iraq. They were getting the best wheat in the world & our farmers were getting the best market share at the best price.
20/08/14 08:40 PM
The next contestant for Mastermind and their topic tonight is the bleeding obvious. It is amazing that the GRDC still funds things that have been well known for years. They are running around funding all the most obvious trials that should be common practice not cutting edge as they think they are. Once you are on the gravy train with the GRDC you can just stay on. It is easier for the GRDC to keep sending money to those in the system rather than think outside the square and look at other ideas that may improve on what we are currently doing as explained in the article above.
18/08/14 11:24 PM
I can't comment on the Victorian Greens but Ms Allen should know that hemp is specifically included in the NSW Greens' sustainable farming policy. And I seriously doubt that any Greens policy would exclude this sustainable profitable and water miserly crop. It is absurd not to encourage its cultivation.
18/08/14 11:14 PM
I hope they used to reduced land from cotton for sybeans or corn that still have great prices
20/08/14 07:52 AM
Good luck at getting any money for rail upgrades. All Australian Governments foolishly abandoned the rail transport industry years ago in favor of road transport. That is killing more people and loading too much onto road costs than ever before, but there are more votes in roads than rail. It is now showing just how short sighted the change in policy was, but rail has been allowed to deteriorate for too long. Turning around Govt policy would be fantastic but maybe all the waste of the Gillard/Rudd years makes it that much less likely we have the funds? Have a go anyway. Its worth it.
19/08/14 10:06 PM


Of course The Greens will back levy increases.There natural support base are the biggest beneficiary, it's only natural that they would want a massive transfer of wealth from some of the poorest paid in our community to the parasites who sit in research organisations dreaming up "problems" to solve.
Do primary producers get 4 weeks annual leave,leave loading or 16% super as well as a generous wage? Of course not only fairies at the bottom of the garden get that!
This AAG mob are an absolute joke- they are "marching in the streets " to save their own backsides but have not even had a pulse to help their members terms of trade in the last 20 years.. What about that competition Bill that has been floated, did they have a view on that?
I am a great fan, Maggie, but compliance is an investment, not a cost.
19/08/14 12:59 PM
It sounds to me like there is one Chinese company that isn't going to be bullied around and hence Clives big dummy spit.
20/08/14 06:38 AM
Why not at least work with David Leyonhjelm? He does not propose dropping the levies according to his article in the Land today. He appears to be just seeking more regular voting by producers on the level of levies. Surely that is not unreasonable?
19/08/14 09:49 PM


Last week we had a media conference with Dick Smith and Graham Turner, both successful millionaires and both concerned about environmental issues. The problem is not only Australia's population growth, driven by high immigration, but the global rate of population growth. During the 20th century alone, the population in the world has grown from 1.65 billion to 6 billion, and roughly doubled since 1970. Feeding more people, from the tip of the food chain, on declining natural resources is a "challenge" that's not being recognised enough. "Food security" is basically a population problem.
18/08/14 08:30 PM
So much of what Craig Davis says is on the mark. While some peak bodies do a great job of engagement with the wider community too many are hamstrung by governing models which belong in the last century. If you don't engage, if you don't rebut the falsehoods, groups which at their heart are anti farming gain traction and use the available media coverage for their agenda. Too often the heavy lifting on issues such as the PETA campaigns are left to passionate individuals rather than industry having basically pre prepared responses ready to go. It is not rocket science.
05/08/14 09:45 PM
A major success industry; improving quality of product, selling at increasingly higher unit prices, all achieved in a currency climate unfavourable to exports. The wine industry shows us that getting on with the job rather than sitting on acres whinging is a much more successful and honourable strategy. perhaps others could learn from their success?
18/07/14 12:11 PM
Only a couple of years ago on landline guys in the eastern states were bulldozing citrus because it was no longer profitable and now it's wanted
02/07/14 10:46 AM


That is a great initiative. It would have been great if I can see some of the pictures of the project.
21/08/14 01:55 AM
Well said Wilkie, you nailed it.
19/08/14 09:03 PM
Why is it that this government is so against science. Yet can still think it can afford a PPL scheme. How about you divert some of the money into the CSIRO.
15/08/14 04:52 AM
So now we have got the shiny bummed ones "advising" about the CSG mob!
If one has nothing to hide, then what is the problem? The best and most profitable restaurants now provide an open kitchen for guests to enjoy seeing chefs prepare their food….. just food for thought people.
28/07/14 10:57 PM


Biggest problem I see is as farms are getting larger and more corporate, dealers need to balance the needs of these large farms while at the same time not treating the needs of the smaller farmers as insignificant.
Still wouldn't be big enough to keep away the hypocritical BS spewed out by the labour market protectionist selective socialists on this site.
09/07/14 12:03 AM
Capital gains, wait till the tax man reads this one, I did similar and they love it !


The Chinese Investment Corporation must surely be an arm of the Chiniese Government which is buying up our farmland at an alarming rate. When do we stop this invasion or stop selling our sovereignty?
14/07/14 12:08 AM
Banks are just sharks, charging exorbitant interest to people who cannot pay.
13/07/14 10:25 PM

Rural Lifestyle

The first thing to do is abolish the insane policy they call UnilateralTrade Reform. Then the regions can repopulate themselves.
01/08/14 01:44 AM


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