Well Mr Reeves, tell Canberra to get rid of the Duopoly! Farmers have been telling them for ages.
So, the eternal mirage of biofuels is on the horizon once again, despite being shown consistently to bring net economic and environmental COSTS to society.
23/04/15 11:34 PM
Australian borrowers are paying the highest Interest Rates in the Western World so the sooner more drops come the better.
It is at last becoming recognized that Australia is one of the dearest countries on the planet to live and to operate a business and the cost of finance is one of the main contributing factors.
Australian Made has a giant loophole in its structure. Companies can import components from overseas and as long as it is constructed or made in Australia it can have the Australian Made branding. it is therefore in my opinion truly Australian Made. I am assuming 100% Pure New Zealand is just that !00% made and grown in New Zealand.
23/04/15 07:33 PM
Further proof that MG does not need to restructure for expansion..
Farmer suppliers are mugs if they fall for it and will have no one to blame but themselves if they lose their company.
23/04/15 09:44 AM


I get so sick of hearing that things are so wonderful because we have "record prices" or "prices are at historic levels". In an economy with in built inflation prices need to be at record levels to just stay the same. I never hear that mars bars are at record prices!!
I suggest cane producers get involved asap as once Treasury sees the outcomes, they will say no more funding, as this should now be standard practice.
23/04/15 12:00 AM
If the Lockyer food bowl & those of Sydney and Melbourne are destroyed by fire ants food shortages will result & the nation will retaliate with a fury rarely known.. This debacle demands immediate action NOW & nationwide media exposure..
17/04/15 12:14 AM
VFF Grains supported wheat deregulation despite grower support of over 80%.
It would appear that the merchants are not playing the game that the way that VFF hoped that they would!
14/04/15 08:13 PM
The only way to deep rip is with a rigid stump jump tyne----preferably hydraulic.
22/04/15 07:38 AM


Totally agree with this article. There is no serious commitment to rural mental health issues, plenty of talk and blah blah, but very little concrete fett on the ground help
22/04/15 07:16 AM
What an awesome opening statement, Colin! Well done.
22/04/15 06:24 AM
Better to post a photo of Jona Weinhofen splattered in blood and cuts. After the Rudd dismissal, Bill Leak had a marvellous cartoon in the Australian. It depicted JG with apron in her butcher's shop wielding a knife and steel, with KR in pieces all over the floor, with the head still talking. I forget whose faces were on the couple of onlookers, but one said to the other: "I told her she should have stunned it first!" Don't take them too seriously, just make sure that our promotion outweighs their promotion. That might include attacking the publishers.
22/04/15 12:00 AM
Mr Thornes submission is one of the most outstanding yet published by the Committee. It details fact after fact and debunks the assertions of various Animals rights industry bodies in a comprehensive fashion. Few of the submissions published which oppose the bill contain anything other than regurgitated ARA propaganda. The Animal rights industry is now on the back foot thanks to the facts now being front and centre of the debate. Well done Mr Thorne. I urge everyone to read his submission.
21/04/15 06:54 AM
What a great idea to name the new federal seat after Jo Vallentine whose service as a WA Senator was outstanding, paving the way for Green's representation ever since. Much better than naming a federal seat after Sir Charles Court whose disdain for federal politics was legendary.
21/04/15 05:05 AM


Interesting that our healthy banana plants have to go because the Minister says they have to because we live in a Red Zone BUT there are surrounding Green zones where banana plants don't have to go AND in Queensland, banana growers have a choice - even though Panama is a lot more serious than Freckle. Can't help wondering if it's another federal government push into NT affairs 'because they can'.
24/04/15 02:33 AM
What a joke, pity on family operations who grow potatoes better start looking for another income source.
21/04/15 11:27 AM
These Banana farmers are a joke they have short memories when the cyclone devastated the Banana crop Bananas were $18 a kilo so they should have saved that money they made for a rainy day like the fungus that is affecting the crop now
14/04/15 10:32 PM
As a representative of a small company I would like to discuss with someone our product that has shown through university investigation to be effective against Fusarium Wilt which is also known as Panama Disease for bananas. Please contact me urgently.
08/04/15 11:54 PM
Good on these Little Aussie Battlers for showing the Yanks how to produce top mangoes - top effort!


Looks more to me like the Australian Farm Institute wants Aust to be a communist state where free speech, freedom of information and freedom to chose is prohibited. The only group with freedom is the farmers who can do whatever they want to animals and get away with it. Perhaps the Australian Farm Institute should aquaint themselves with what ANZAC is all about because what they want is an affront to all who fought for freedom.
Dear oh dear..wherever did the unsubstantiated crap..."been proven to dramatically increase animal welfare outcomes" come from? Tall tales indeed.
Typical of the AU insdustry to make it all up as they go along. Arrogant, ignorant and greedy...
end all cruel live export of innocent animals now.
27/03/15 03:36 AM
At last a government supporting the most sustainable protein source in the world.
24/03/15 02:44 AM
Good stuff. Now how about some big ticket items like NLIS. With world beef prices being so much greater than here in Oz over the last year, it's plainly obvious that it is of no benefit. But I guess it's too hard for people to say they were wrong. Now, how much money would that save? Out with NLIS!


in the 70's oil prices rose over 300%. We use oil in just about every part of our lives. Imagine the inflation response of such an event in todays global economic envt (eg war in middle east etc). There is no need for Australians to be at the mercy of a small group of people who control prices, when we have our own reserves. People say there is no debt problem in the cities or on farms, imagine 20% interest, what would that do to property values and their debt to equity ratios and buyer interest. Once again, I hope our govt shows some guts and deals with this in a smarter manner than before.
12/04/15 09:30 PM
If the seed companies moved away from the daylight robbery upfront model and towards an EPR based fee recovery system, few would consider spending so much money of equipment to chase precision on rates. We'd all be sowing at 3kg/ha again.
05/04/15 10:47 PM


Won't the bankers, the real estate agents and the finance brokers be rubbing their hands together now!

Rural Lifestyle

Ask the locals
03/04/15 12:11 AM
Such a wonderful idea! Hope it spreads! #diggerslastpost


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There you go again Nico, jumping to assumptions where there are none. I never referred to the
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Yes Kanzi, I was quite wrong - now there is a triopoly - what is Canberra going to do about how
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