What a farce is Clive Palmer, an unmitigated disaster for and by the Australian voters as well as an insult to the intelligence of everyone with an IQ greater than their hat size. Bernie Fraser should not sully his reputation by being involved with this clown or with the mindless intellect-free Coalition.
29/10/14 09:10 PM
Reform in this area is long overdue. As a consumer it is far too often impossible to make an informed choice. Try asking where your ham or bacon originates from at the delis of the duopoly. I have & yet never been provided with an answer.
Coles for example demands certain standards of Australian pork producers which it does not of overseas producers. Marketing gimmicks over transparency at a cost to both Australian producers and consumers is the norm. Sow stall free? Not if it is from foreign pork and that is the point. We as consumers need more information to make our own informed choices.
29/10/14 08:53 PM
Jonesy you are a great conservative and i admire you greatly. But i fear you are wrong on this one mate.And i worry about the xenophobia implicit in your concerns. I am with Andrew on this one. But press on with expressing our concerns about extremist Islam.
29/10/14 01:10 AM
Oh they have such short memories. John Howard when in office closed the trade to Egypt. He wasn't sued. Industry closed the market to Bahrain & again to Egypt, after Rudd reopened it. They weren't sued.
All abs were closed in Indo because the MLA couldn't come up with a adequate plan to addresses the issues highlighted in the 4Corners footage. Livecorp had also used tax payer funds to install Mark I restraint boxes, which didn't meet OIE standards and needed to removed in ALL abs. Abs also needed auditing & approval. They got $30 mill compo which wasn't all accessed/used.
28/10/14 09:36 PM
Producers supported and agreed with the initial stoppage of supply of animals to the initial 12 abattoirs in May 2011. The extension of the ban across all Indonesian markets was completely unnecessary. Supply chains were available that had stunning and best practice standards . Regarding the types of animals at the time that we were supplying, light feeders <350kg, we had absolutely nowhere to sell those cattle until they gained more weight in latter years. We put off staff, stopped mustering and extended debt, There was no Income. The effects were extremely stressful mentally and financially


How would you feel? How should you feel? Prevented from growing canola by some slippery characters! And then there is aphid transmitted viruses and black leg and sclerotinia. Get moving quick smart with some additional GM tools!.
29/10/14 11:47 PM
Where is the science to "prove" that nitrogen run-off is one of the biggest risks to the Great Barrier Reef?
Please make a note. The proposed funding offer is not to "improve nitrogen effeciency", it will require a reduction in nitrogen application. Funding applicants will have to provide 10-15 years of documented evidence of nitrogen application rates and then demonstrate the level of reduction - not "efficient use". At current "industry standards" application rates, any further reduction will make industry unsustainabile and unprofitable.
23/10/14 11:46 PM
When will levy payers get to chose their directors in an open transparent democratic process?
At present we have taxation without representation and a process that a communist nation would be well pleased with.
GRDC needs a restructure as a matter of urgency.
23/10/14 03:23 AM
where is the link between wheat breeding and the buyers of our grain? under the old AWB our breeders had a direct link to our buyers needs, do we now rely on growers needs as the greatest determinants of varieties we develop? I notice on the AGT website there have been several mergers in this company from both local and overseas partners. Aren't we exposing ourselves by not having a grower/marketer/breeder chain like we once had?, which optimised its returns to growers by buyer feedback rather than profits to shareholders or other countries?
27/10/14 06:28 PM
What terrible news. But how often does this happen in grain seasons. Hopefully none of those affected have taken the advice of the reckless deregulation propagandists and forward sold to the extent that they cant now deliver on their contracts.
20/10/14 09:53 PM


Nowhere to hide Boof, but you have tried to find one by blaming your staff.
28/10/14 11:51 PM
Well, right now it wouldn't be proper. Fitzgibbon is in the gun and Joyce is carrying the can. This is a political issue which must have a political conclusion. The government would do better to concede liability than to fight the case. The Gillard/Brown government responded to a campaign by a very small activist group to take action which caused huge losses for Australia's beef industry, resulting for many producers in bankruptcy. The Gillard government initiated this action. The Abbott government, by allowing the destruction to run its course, is completing the job for them.
28/10/14 12:03 PM
Building infrastructure to conserve water is vital. If you think otherwise you are an idiot.
its ok to tariff the people of Aust, but not imports to this country from countries with a record of human rights abuses and their own tariffs on our exports?
28/10/14 09:11 PM
Those in Govt must change these labelling laws, we already know that most in parliament don't give too hoots about Australians or Aussie jobs otherwise this would have been fixed up years ago.
27/10/14 11:34 PM


And it would appear that this is how easy it is to mess up Australian Agricultures biosecurity, which the govmint would like to have the farmer fund while potentially it stuffs Australian Agriculture because the govmint processes are just too weak to prevent a major disease getting thru. If its government policy to allow all this importation govmint should fund all external biosecurity and also compensate without question when they stuff up as they usually do. This arena is outside of framers control and should not be paying for poor govmint decisions
06/10/14 10:35 PM
Well that was one hell of a failure of MIS's....wouldn't want to make the same mistake again !!!
29/09/14 11:11 PM


"Free range" in Australia is a marketing con kicked off by Coles and matched by Woolies.
Genuine free range is a niche industry whose product is too expensive most people. Hence the pretend free range, deceptively presented with pictures of chooks in green meadows.
It would not surprise me if the higher price of pretend free range had a much higher retail margin than caged. And to guarantee consumer compliance, Coleworths will remove the cage option ...
26/10/14 11:10 PM
Great to see Chris Murphy entering the free range market. The industry needs more people like him to meet the massive consumer demand,
26/10/14 07:42 AM
Prosecute the cruelty, not the exposure of it. The animals used and exploited for the consumption by humans must have the absolute most stringent protections in place to safeguard against any abuse or extra cruelty in both their incarceration and slaughter.
What is done in the dark WILL be brought to the light.
06/10/14 04:57 AM
What a great story! Not enough young ones looking at the plethora of opportunities available in agriculture. Congratulations Madelaine. Keep up the great work and more importantly you will provide inspiration to lots of other young country kids who face the temptation to drift to the city.
28/09/14 11:21 PM
"These commonsense changes continue to provide ... assurance that our animals are humanely treated."
Right... because shipping an animal across the seas for four weeks to a terrifying, traumatic and painful death - having his or her throat cut whilst fully conscious, is the epitome of humane treatment.
17/09/14 08:21 AM


Any chance of a contact no
Next you are driving down the road and being held up with a slow old back hoe, maybe you will hope that machines like this will become standard in the future. (:-)
20/09/14 12:31 PM
The large business focussed broadacre farm focusses on timeliness and low capitalisation to reap the rewards of scale. The flipside of that is they use a plethora of contractors for sowing harvest or spraying. These contractors deliver benefits such as in 4 days spraying, quick sow or harvest which far outway any requirement for specified wheel spacing or equipment width, let alone the impracticality of ever deepening tracks
06/09/14 10:19 PM
Good information! Agriculture is precisely dependent on machinery now a days. One cannot do anything without machinery. You can find more Agriculture machinery related question and answers in the following link. riculture-machinery Agriculture Machinery discussion forum
03/09/14 06:12 AM


This is good news, hopefully the new owners can actually make a living out of breeding and fattening cattle and not just service debt.
19/10/14 10:51 PM
Another Ag fund thats going to make millions for the fund manages not the shareholders.
15/10/14 07:10 AM
If these properties are selling for more than what they were valued at, that means the bank's valuations were too low so that raises the question - why were they placed in Receivership anyway? Sounds like more Corporate Bullying to me. What do you think Bushie Bill? - you seem to know everything.
Gee Neil, this is a rosy outlook - totally at odds with the comprehensive Rabo bank survey. You wouldn't be hopelessly conflicted by your cosy relationship with the Banks would you?
01/09/14 09:09 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Congrats on a wonderful event for Richmond. The young ladies and gentlemen of Richmond and surrounds sure glammed it up to match their city friends! From all reports it was a resounding success! Well done to the organizers and for such a great cause!
27/10/14 05:55 AM
Well spoken by a true champion Barnaby.
Convincing the Liberals will be the biggest challenge-they are more interested in the big end of town then the small business and family farm sector.
06/10/14 12:58 AM
Well Bushie Bill this flies in the face of your cork swinger opinion of country folk. Guess you aren't quite as smart as you thought you were eh ?
11/09/14 07:20 AM
Do you board this train at Roma St, and can you get of at Gympie Nth, and if so what time would the normal service be back to Brisbane on 15/1/2015.
27/09/14 11:26 AM


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Katrina - that doesn't answer my question, Australia is trying it's best to educate these
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One of the best decisions an Australian government has ever made. When you have to resort to
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I think we have bushie boy worked out argis. A know it all city slicker.
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09 Oct 14 CONFIDENCE in the bull market is riding high, producing stellar results at this year’s Rockhampton Brahman Week Sale.
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