So the man who has never run a business in his life condescendingly says that new red tape will be "industry friendly" . PM you don't deal with the dills in the public service that i deal with obviously! PM the problem here is a massive failure of the bureaucracy to enforce the laws that protect the Australian public in regards to food safety. The laws are about defining legal liability not defining public safety,I actually don't expect anything else when both sides of Parliament is full of lawyers! So forget new laws that are useless and tell the bureaucrats to enforce the laws they have!
JBS could use the plant on king island in the meantime.
Will this be the Bunny and Joking Joe's swan song; their last stuff-up before we bid them and their careers farewell? We could get lucky.
26/02/15 09:47 PM
god help us, Macfarlane with ties to the reserve bank, its obvious who he will be representing. Robb, a freemarket Genghis khan I think I remember someone calling him. U could not stuff this up more, Abbott. Get Barnaby and the greens to work it out, at least then we will have our interests represented and not someone else's.
26/02/15 06:41 PM
It is so unlike the Libs to get some puppet out on behalf of the global food monopolists to tell us what is best for us. Can I have my taxes back, I don't approve of u wasting them this way. I bet the same thing happened regarding free trade in the early days? Canberra got told what message/textbooks to give us and we believed u, maybe that's why voters struggle to accept gov't any more. Let me guess, he would be a big fan of the TPP.
26/02/15 04:32 AM


So AGT is sourcing breeding material from a French "Grower owned" cooperative and combining that with resources provided by GRDC, University and Government pre-breeding investments. These latter entities are providing funds directly from grower funds and taxpayer revenues, just exactly where does the likes of AGT take a position of risk in this process, and if we are already paying for these "investments" why are the EPRs on varieties so bloody exorbitant?
24/02/15 07:31 AM
How much funding is grower bodies like GRDC allocating towards robotics and precision ag? these are very suitable techniques for allowing farmers to avoid being locked into biotech/GM systems, so it would be within our interest to do so. I noted on country hour recently one farm robotics engineer saying lack of funding was a big issue, I would have thought our levies would see this research and development as very applicable.
22/02/15 10:06 PM
It is as simple as this, one multi million tonne up country storage and handling facility owned by a foreign multinational in the Kwinana catchment will sign the death of tier 3 and many tier 2 lines. Growers will fill this site at harvest via trucks rather than build storage and wait for tier 2/3 trains to be able to get their wares to market in an untimely fashion. If CBH lumbers itself with the cost of rebuilding a narrow gauge rail network, it will all but guarantee it loses tonnes to the competition as close to port farmers seek to rid themselves of cross subsidy potential.
19/02/15 09:40 PM
Hopefully products such as this succeed, and following on from this the government implements a policy that if farmers don't insure then they are not eligible for the various grants / rebates / subsidies that farmers can claim.
I still clearly recall speaking with a farmer in SA who said "I don't understand EC payments. In most areas where these payments are made for drought, there is nothing exceptional about a drought!".
17/02/15 09:40 PM
PGA in WA need to take note at least we can deliver to CBH sites and sell grain to multiple marketers. Will Bunge etc allow this, highly unlikely. Yes we need competition but not restrictive multinational entities
14/02/15 02:46 AM


"Defamation" can't exist if the accusations are true, and can be supported! Instead of shooting the messengers, the live export industry should lift its game, or even better, close down the industry altogether! Meat exports means more jobs for Australians and we have some control of the welfare of the animals. As it is, it's barbaric and inherently cruel.
26/02/15 10:25 PM
The fuel stations must be terrified
26/02/15 07:33 AM
Well Ms Cay, all you need is an online Accountant who knows Cloud Accounting.
There is currently a Parlimentry Inquiry into hydraulic fracturing. prod/parlment/committee.nsf/0/fe7 e85037fc7378bca257df700040351/%24 FILE/120225%20Final%20report.pdf< br/>There are many statements I this article that are simply not true. There are many documented incidents of significant detrimental effects to the environment, citizens and other animals. For example in the US earthquakes and a methane cloud that NASA can see.
The government subsidies to fossil fuels far out weighs those to environmental groups.
26/02/15 03:16 AM
How Many Preferred Shares of TPP Generated Enterprises are You Selling your Right to Sue the Global Corporate Economy for? 'New' Shareholders Can Say 'NO' to TPP, TTIP, et al, Plans.
But, If Not PUTIN; 'The WHITE KNIGHT', then Who Do YOU Want to Bankroll the Saving the harmless NON shareholders of the World from Fast Tracking TPP's, CETA's (TTIP) Secret 'Death-Star-Chamber' Tribunal Penalties?
Will China, Iran, the Muslim World, et al, Support Putin in Suits?
How about Gina Rinehart, et al?


There you go Bushie.Youre a big supporter of imported foods from highly efficient Chinese farms. Eat up.
19/02/15 02:11 AM
backpacker is easier and cheaper.
19/02/15 12:02 AM
Tells us where the food is grown - where it is processed/ packed and let the consumers decide - all politicians seem to have vested interest in not changing the current labelling laws, because if the did they would have. Apply the same tests to imported goods etc as we apply to Australian produce
17/02/15 11:00 PM
Why do we continually blame the imported product. Have you ever considered the actual packing facility. Let's have a little balance in reporting and not emotive responses.
17/02/15 10:12 AM
Really? In the wake of the frozen berry recall this week? Those berries have been linked to Hepatitis A & were from China.......
14/02/15 04:34 PM


Very good to see a lady trapping dogs and doing a wonderful job keep up the good work .
27/02/15 01:53 AM
This is about one thing and one thing only. ALEC and Joyce wanting to shut down any form of proper transparency and accountability. We knew it was coming, but even we didn't think that the industry would be as blatant about it as this. Turning smoke and mirrors into an art form. Any hope of getting the public to have a shred of respect for Penfold, ALEC and Joyce is now absolutely gone. Shame on them.
26/02/15 07:51 AM
1/2 Of course RSPCA seem to be forgetting the fact that Animals Australia themselves are making complaints that are based on someone told someone who told them (#16 Israel) and then not giving details of who supplied the information of the informants won't give further details. Or what about others again lodged by AA with no photos, no videos no information. (#3 Indonesia & #6 Pakistan) or what about the #10 compliance investigation into the Egypt, the vet so happy to appear on TV to slam Animal welfare for AA wouldn't talk to DAFF.
The truth about why "no substantiated non-compliance was reported to the Department for supply chains in 10 of these markets" is that - no substantial (independent) auditing was conducted of these 10 markets! It's simple, no auditing = no reported non-compliance. This regulatory framework is not legitimate!
20/02/15 08:58 AM
If there is a debate it is certainly not a scientific one. There are hundreds of areas inside and outside the fence where predators and pasture is controlled and many NP have differing make ups as well. Baiting controls cats, foxes and dogs and in those areas where everyone does it, come out and count the species, and that will not cost millions.
18/02/15 03:13 AM


would be nice if the article included some stats eg, cost per kilometre, number of hours to install per kilometre etc
21/02/15 05:30 PM
Has anybody bothered to compare the number of people working in Ag production 20yrs ago to the current number? Correct me if wrong, but I think current numbers would be well down on 20 yrs ago.
03/02/15 02:03 AM
Quads already have notices stating children must not ride them. If they do then it is something their parents must live with. Saying that, I rode thousands of km's on a full size quad as a child an never had a problem. From Tony's figures only a handful of people out of the hundreds of thousands riding quads died from a roll over. Hardly a huge danger. Facts are farmers rely on quads to produce food and fibre for this country and our exports. How many people died in their bathroom last year? 100? 300?
26/01/15 08:37 PM


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I think it is very wrong that Greg misfud thinks that some of us doggers fraud the system maybe
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Sounds like you may have some median, mode, mean shoppers over your way Bushie Bill. A few
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So the man who has never run a business in his life condescendingly says that new red tape will
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