One Term Tony is rapidly overtaking The Boof as the Chief Boofhead of the Coalition Clowns. No one with an IQ larger than their boot size has ever taken the "food bowl of China" so literally as to believe we would effectively be feeding 1200 million people. It has always been used as a phrase to indicate market opportunity and potential agricultural growth.
01/10/14 07:19 AM
It is very hard to fathom the depth of service from Graincorp in NSW with more expense to the growers with the closure of several sites,now we are up for more expense for road transport or on farm storage .The overall cost in growing a product is getting more expensive without the returns being there with grain prices varying from the start of the season to the end, our expenses are growing but the grain prices usually fall .
01/10/14 12:39 AM
By seminal I hope you don't mean 'highly original'?!!
30/09/14 08:14 AM
What a slap in the face.
I have supported A2 milk from the beginning. Yesterday my supermarket did not have any supplies as the ordered stock simply did not arrive. And now I read it is being supplied to China. Great. Just Great.
I think it is time to have a good look at our politicians who support China and sell out the Australian people who employ them.
Please enough comedy I am going to die from laughter.The 2 major food retailers, bellyaching about over regulation! PLEASE, many of the rules applied were at their behest to strangle the small retailers like butchers,green grocers and fishmongers.Supply chain regulation,who wanted that?Who couldn't guarantee the quality of their fresh food? Which organisations have done deals with so called green or animal welfare organisations to verify the supply of fish,eggs, pork or chicken? Now they have to deal with oligopolies they don't feel comfortable.Get over it Coles/Worth you got what you wanted


I found a lot of informative stuff in your article.
Organic input for agriculture
30/09/14 10:13 AM
There's a very simple rule for deciding what is fresh.
Any food labelled fresh isn't.
After tha,t use your eyes and nose.
29/09/14 10:34 PM
With the mega merchants building their own supply chains Australian wheat will never regain its quality reputation and the relative value of our grain will continue to fall.
Who do the mega merchants who source grain for their end user customers from across the globe support when there is a glut of wheat?
Do they put US growers interests before those of Australian producers ?
The transfer of the wheat crop by Rudd and the Liberals from Australian growers to the mega merchants was an act of pure treachery and ignorance.
29/09/14 09:04 PM
So by pretending supply and demand actually set the world price we are taking control of our own future hey grain traders? what a load of rot. This is designed to get your grain the cheapest and lull u into a false sense of confidence. Since the merchants started sending price signals to store our own, what has happened to our quality and position as a supplier of good quality grain off season to the northern hemisphere? we have dropped back into the pack. Enjoy your stockholm syndrome deregulators
25/09/14 07:42 PM
What a lovely dog's breakfast we now have for a marketing system!
Perhaps the knowledgeable industry consultants who have so much to say might like to make an estimate of what deregulation is costing growers, regional communities and Australia as a whole.
Real industry experts are saying that we are at least $40.00 per tonne out of pocket through the loss of the national pool single desk and its hedging program not to mention the fall in the relative value of our wheat and the supply chain gouging.
24/09/14 07:58 PM


Great news Let there be more of it. Hope the other states follow
29/09/14 02:18 AM
Hi Annette and Neville, how "INSPIRING" (I know you love that word). I have been following bits and pieces of your amazing journey and I can't wait till you come home to Tassie to share your experiences with us all. I am dying to do something on my very, very small property. Tassie has so much potential. Over the next three months we will be experiencing warmer, slightly wetter conditions. Perfect for growing! Apart from all that we all miss you and can't wait to see you home safe and sound.
25/09/14 10:45 PM
Weatherzone and YR21 were forecasting anywhere between 5 to 20mm for the Central West, and some areas did receive this plus a bit more. What annoys me is BOM forecasters talking up to 80mm across a large area of the central west on Monday 22nd September for Thursday 25th September, stating that "computer modelling was lining up for widespread falls". They need to pull their heads in on media outlets, and be more conscious of the consequences of their actions. We as farmers are sick and tired of so called Bureau stuffups. As the saying goes, "loose lips sinks ships".
25/09/14 10:21 AM
What !! , not one mention of carbon emissions. Has the BOM been told to tone down its unscientific rants .
"shortages in east coast gas supply" - so does that mean u export product overseas, generate a deliberate shortage to get the urban community to support CSG as it will impact on their standard of living if the cost is not kept down? sounds like a strategic assault on rural communities by leveraging the majority of urban popn
24/09/14 10:13 PM


Well that was one hell of a failure of MIS's....wouldn't want to make the same mistake again !!!
29/09/14 11:11 PM
Last week we had a media conference with Dick Smith and Graham Turner, both successful millionaires and both concerned about environmental issues. The problem is not only Australia's population growth, driven by high immigration, but the global rate of population growth. During the 20th century alone, the population in the world has grown from 1.65 billion to 6 billion, and roughly doubled since 1970. Feeding more people, from the tip of the food chain, on declining natural resources is a "challenge" that's not being recognised enough. "Food security" is basically a population problem.
18/08/14 08:30 PM
So much of what Craig Davis says is on the mark. While some peak bodies do a great job of engagement with the wider community too many are hamstrung by governing models which belong in the last century. If you don't engage, if you don't rebut the falsehoods, groups which at their heart are anti farming gain traction and use the available media coverage for their agenda. Too often the heavy lifting on issues such as the PETA campaigns are left to passionate individuals rather than industry having basically pre prepared responses ready to go. It is not rocket science.
05/08/14 09:45 PM


What a great story! Not enough young ones looking at the plethora of opportunities available in agriculture. Congratulations Madelaine. Keep up the great work and more importantly you will provide inspiration to lots of other young country kids who face the temptation to drift to the city.
28/09/14 11:21 PM
"These commonsense changes continue to provide ... assurance that our animals are humanely treated."
Right... because shipping an animal across the seas for four weeks to a terrifying, traumatic and painful death - having his or her throat cut whilst fully conscious, is the epitome of humane treatment.
17/09/14 08:21 AM
Showed isolated incidences? Seriously? What the footage showed was people, who should know better, standing around witnessing the events and doing nothing about it. This is why the RSPCA are calling for mandatory reporting from within the industry. It is quite clear this industry does need strong independent auditing and scrutiny and until that happens concerned people will continue to obtain footage in any way they can, now matter how much the industry and their political representatives cry about it.
09/09/14 08:53 PM
I wonder if Russia thinks the same of Australia.
It probably won't be too long before before we're told to put sanctions on China as well.
07/09/14 10:45 PM
Do we demand and put inspectors into piggeries in other countries that we import pork products from?
If not, why not?
24/08/14 10:28 PM


Next you are driving down the road and being held up with a slow old back hoe, maybe you will hope that machines like this will become standard in the future. (:-)
20/09/14 12:31 PM
Agriculture is precisely dependent on machinery now a days. One cannot do anything without machinery. You can find more Agriculture machinery related question and answers in the following link. riculture-machinery Farming Machinery discussion forum
09/09/14 09:56 AM
The large business focussed broadacre farm focusses on timeliness and low capitalisation to reap the rewards of scale. The flipside of that is they use a plethora of contractors for sowing harvest or spraying. These contractors deliver benefits such as in 4 days spraying, quick sow or harvest which far outway any requirement for specified wheel spacing or equipment width, let alone the impracticality of ever deepening tracks
06/09/14 10:19 PM
Good information! Agriculture is precisely dependent on machinery now a days. One cannot do anything without machinery. You can find more Agriculture machinery related question and answers in the following link. riculture-machinery Agriculture Machinery discussion forum
03/09/14 06:12 AM
Biggest problem I see is as farms are getting larger and more corporate, dealers need to balance the needs of these large farms while at the same time not treating the needs of the smaller farmers as insignificant.


Gee Neil, this is a rosy outlook - totally at odds with the comprehensive Rabo bank survey. You wouldn't be hopelessly conflicted by your cosy relationship with the Banks would you?
01/09/14 09:09 PM

Rural Lifestyle

Do you board this train at Roma St, and can you get of at Gympie Nth, and if so what time would the normal service be back to Brisbane on 15/1/2015.
27/09/14 11:26 AM
Well Bushie Bill this flies in the face of your cork swinger opinion of country folk. Guess you aren't quite as smart as you thought you were eh ?
11/09/14 07:20 AM


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One Term Tony is rapidly overtaking The Boof as the Chief Boofhead of the Coalition Clowns. No
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