Qld shires vote 'no' to amalgamation

12 Dec, 2007 11:48 AM

The first shires to vote in the council plebiscites have delivered a resounding 'no' to the Queensland's Government's plans for amalgamations.

The postal voting for the six urban shires participating closed last Friday, with the 'no' case clearly winning the day in all six.

"These results send a strong and crystal clear message that voters don't want their councils amalgamated and the State Labor Government needs to go back to the drawing board to ensure communities are properly consulted and involved in the future direction of their local governments," Opposition local government spokesman, Howard Hobbs, said.

But Local Government Minister, Warren Pitt, said the results would have no bearing on the amalgamation process, which was already well advanced.

"I assure those who might still be wishfully thinking that the government will change its mind on the amalgamations that this simply is not going to happen," Mr Pitt said.

But Local Government Association of Queensland executive director, Greg Hallam, said the State Government would be gambling with its future at the next election, given the Opposition's pledge to undo unwanted amalgamations.

The results of the six shires counted so far are:

* Noosa Shire: 69pc of eligible voters participated, of which 95pc voted 'no';

* Redcliffe City Council: 58pc of eligible voters participated, of which 86pc voted 'no';

* Caloundra City Council: 52pc of eligible voters participated, of which 69pc voted 'no';

* Caboolture Shire Council: 46pc of eligible voters participated, of which 62pc voted 'no';

* Pine Rivers Shire Council: 49pc of eligible voters participated, of which 73pc voted 'no'; and

* Gold Coast City Council: 54pc of eligible voters participated, of which 81pc voted 'no'.

The ballots for the remaining 79 rural and regional shires participating in the plebiscites must be received by the Australian Electoral Commission by 2pm Friday, December 14.

SOURCE: Extract from full report to appear in Queensland Country Life, December 13 issue.

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13/12/2007 1:28:21 AM

When you have a socialist government in all States and Federal the will of the people is no longer an issue as they concider they have a mandate to impose their will on the people. In 1215 the Magnacarta was signed setting out the Rights and responsibilitys to stop bullying by a section of society. A previous Labor Government found if we become signatories of U.N. coviets they could get away with treason (the breaking of our constitution) and not pay the penalty for treason. If you bring this up you are ridiculed and am told we are so much more mature today. That is why we accept lawlessness as part of actable behaviour today.
13/12/2007 5:29:00 AM

I am a member of ABPAC - Australian Business and Peoples's Alliance Council. A lone voice is not enough, but collectively we can be heard about our disgust in, and treatment by the Qld. Government, especially this nonsense about amalgamating our Councils. ABPAC's Mission Statement: ABPAC is a Non-Political, Non-Profit Association that works for the benefit of its Members and Australian Businesses and Australian People. The purpose of ABPAC is to represent the interests of Australian Businesses and Australian People with the intent of maintaining practical and ethical standards in business and lifestyle. This purpose includes the preservation of the rights and entitlements of business entities and the individual. The Association Infrastructure shall be capable of responding to requests by its membership to address needs relating to its purpose even when such needs relate to the greater community which will then reflect the needs of individuals. It shall be capable of communicating, liaising and working with all levels of government, the public service, private enterprise and individuals. The Association shall support or initiate any action it may deem necessary to ensure that the well being of the lifestyle of the Community is enhanced and not compromised. As a Non-Profit Association, ABPAC will donate to a charity or an organisation or an individual in genuine need, as determined by ABPAC, any surplus or profits accumulated resulting from its operations. Please visit my website for further information and stories. On the site you have the opportunity to join ABPAC and also cast a NO vote for Amalgamating Qld. Councils. We need to do this together in numbers to be really heard.
Qld shires vote 'no' to amalgamation
13/12/2007 8:22:41 PM

what chance will we folk living on remote properties have of having our small side road graded, or the council pest control officer come to inject 1080 baits for dingo and wild dog control, if or should I say when, our councils are forcibly amalgamated? The answer to the forgoing is probably never. Be assured, 'glorious leaders', Queenslanders have long memories and the state elections will let you know that we might like to be consulted before major changes such as forced council amalgamations, instead of having you ride roughshod over the ordinary working folk, as if we don't count and have no voice. Be assured, we do. Roll on the next state election!
14/12/2007 7:48:20 PM

My maths may not be that good, but I believe that only the voters of Noosa Shire have "delivered a resounding 'no' to the Queensland's Government's plans for amalgamations". In all other areas the number of No votes are less than 50% of the eligible voters.


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Pleased that common sense has prevailed. Being close to the policy makers cannot be underestimated
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JohnCarpenter, The lamb and mutton job is going okay- we must be doing some things right.
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Spot on X. Let the Chinese buy as long as we can buy freely in China