Gillard vows never to talk to Jones again

04 Oct, 2012 08:07 AM
Prime Minister Julia Gillard.
Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

JULIA GILLARD has wiped Alan Jones from her life, saying she will never talk to him again, either on radio or in person.

In her first appearance since Jones was reported telling a Liberal function Ms Gillard's father died of shame over his daughter's lies, the Prime Minister sought to draw a curtain on the episode, saying she did not want to talk about it.

When asked whether she would appear on Jones's program again, she said: ''No, I would not.''

Jones says he has tried to ring Ms Gillard to apologise in person but Ms Gillard said he was wasting his time. ''I haven't spoken to Mr Jones and I don't intend to,'' she said.

Ms Gillard's father, John, died last month aged 83. She said she and her family had been overwhelmed by the thousands of Australians who had expressed their support.

Jones was recorded 12 days ago telling a Sydney University Liberal Club function Mr Gillard had died because of the lies his daughter told. A jacket made from a chaff bag was also autographed by Jones and auctioned. Previously, Jones has said Ms Gillard should be tied in a chaff bag and dumped at sea.

A Liberal MP at the function, Alex Hawke, said the auction was ''having a go at Alan Jones''.

''It was meant to be light-hearted,'' he said.

While Ms Gillard chose to stay above the fray, her ministers continued to attack Jones yesterday and seek to implicate the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott, by claiming he had created the environment of personal abuse that encouraged conservative commentators to make offensive remarks.

The Treasurer, Wayne Swan, and the manager of government business, Anthony Albanese, noted how Mr Abbott had once said Ms Gillard had a target on her head.

Kevin Rudd has also been attacking Mr Abbott and Jones. But the manager of opposition business, Christopher Pyne, noted how Mr Rudd, after becoming opposition leader in December 2006, had sought Jones's support.

''The grotesque sucking up to Alan Jones by Kevin Rudd on his program was slightly vomitous when he was leader of the opposition,'' he said.

''There was nothing he wouldn't do for Alan Jones … and now he has the gall to lecture the Liberal Party about Alan Jones.''

The mining billionaire and Queensland Liberal National Party figure Clive Palmer empathised with Ms Gillard.

''Certainly a situation like that is very unfortunate for the Prime Minister and I'm certainly deeply concerned about her, her family and her feelings,'' he said.

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Nathan E
4/10/2012 4:24:56 PM

How about she vows never to talk again full stop?
David Harrison
4/10/2012 8:14:43 PM

I am not a fan of either Ms Gillard or Alan Jones. By any stretch of the bow, AJ's comments were beyond contempt. It seems that personal attacks are becoming more frequent where public figures are concerned, and we, the Australian public have condoned this. I am not a sports fan either, but there is a fitting saying arising from the playing of sport: PLAY THE BALL, NOT THE PLAYER. Unfortunately it is easier to take cheap shots than it is to criticise constructively. And that goes for ALL politicians. Their behaviour is what you would expect from selfish, spoilt pre-schoolers.
Ted O'Brien.
4/10/2012 9:08:47 PM

That's an easy call!
4/10/2012 10:00:37 PM

I think the media and the wider community has lost all sense of respect for the office that Julia holds. She is our PM for now. Show the respect it deserves. She is questioned and judged through due process. Personally, I don't support her political leaning but I did share her grief. allan jones has lost my audience.
Ian Mott
5/10/2012 9:35:53 AM

I have redoubled my support for Alan Jones as a direct consequence of the orchestrated faux outrage of the gonzoscenti. They want to sack an inconvenient opinion leader for something he didn't even say on air. So when can we apply that rule to trade union members? When can we sack ordinary workers for a sick joke in the tea room? And these are the morons who elected Rudd on the basis of a union scare campaign over unfair dismissal laws. Hypocrites.
5/10/2012 10:17:24 AM

I absolutely agree with David Harrison. People like Jones are increasing the level of hatred and contempt throughout Australia. I note Ian Mott's comments. He is an avid fan of Jones and look at the language he uses. I rest my case.
5/10/2012 12:55:40 PM

No surprise there. Pott, who has consistently and arrogantly failed to display the minimum of normal courtesy, and has shown a chilling lack of ordinary human sympathy (example: bushfire losses in September attributed to home-owners "damned negligence"), admires the muck-raking broadcaster Jones. Like Damien, I rest my case.
Bushie Bill
5/10/2012 1:32:05 PM

Very good point, Damien. Birds of a
5/10/2012 4:34:48 PM

What is it with union watermelons and hypocrisy?Born stupidity perhaps?
gough whitlam
6/10/2012 5:50:29 PM

You all must remember, what Jones said was disgusting. Even if he said it off air or whatever. Those things should never have been said. Because Gillard is not on your side, the justification is not there to agree with Jones or any other part of the Liberal party when it comes to personal filthy abuse. You all need to take a deep breath on this and get back to your corners.
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